February 2019

Can Changes to Laws Make a Difference in Seattle’s Eviction Courts?

Seattle’s eviction court is the place of last resort for many Seattleites who ultimately wind up on the street. Can a few changes to our laws give some of Seattle’s most vulnerable a chance for a better outcome?

This article appears in print in the February 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. The most surprising thing about Seattle’s eviction court is that most of the action doesn’t take place in a courtroom at all—it takes place in a hallway. Along the length of this dim, busy corridor that spans the west wing of the King County Courthouse…

Erica C Barnett

Jimi Hendrix Exhibit Reveals Early Sparks of Creativity

His early drawings reveal a bent toward psychedelia (and a love for Husky football)

Young Jimmy Hendrix with his father, James “Al” Hendrix, in Seattle circa 1945

Gavin Borchert

Local Satirical News Site Pokes Fun at Seattle

'The Needling' tackles some very Seattle subjects in a fun and lighthearted way

This article appears in print in the February 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. Because reading the real headlines these days can be a head-scratching, mind-numbing exercise in existential angst, an anonymous local journalist launched The Needling last October, a satirical “news” source similar to The Onion. “Real news can be overwhelming these days,” says its creator. We love…

Maggie Kerr

A Seattle Florist With a Dancer’s Poise

The art of dance informs the arrangements of florist Meridith Isaacson

FLOWER GIRL: Meridith Isaacson in her flower shop, Verde & Co.

Gwendolyn Elliot & Alanna Wight

Seattle’s Food Scene Is at Your Fingertips

This month's Editor's Note from Rachel Hart

The short rib pho at Pho Bac Sup Shop is one of our favorites

Rachel Hart

The 100 Best Things to Eat in Seattle Right Now

A food lover’s bucket list: The region’s 100 best dishes to eat now

These piggy buns from Fashion Dim Sum are one of the best breakfasts in the Seattle area

Chelsea Lin, Naomi Tomky & Beau Iverson