January 2011

Kirkland's Rowdy Roja Salsa

Kirkland’s Rowdy Roja Salsa

Local producers Jimmy Anderson and Tim Hoskins bring Seattle-style salsa to the masses.

For Jimmy Anderson and Tim Hoskins, high school graduation from Seattle’s University Prep in 1983 didn’t entail a parting. Instead, their friendship ripened to the point that, 25 years later, they created Kirkland-based Rowdy Roja Salsa (mernies.com). In 2007, despite being immersed in their own careers (Hoskins was designing and maintaining marine aquariums, Anderson was…

Capitol Hill's Cork House

Capitol Hill’s Cork House

Squeezed next to Moe Bar and Sweat Box Yoga studio is Capitol Hill’s first and only winery.

Squeezed next to Moe Bar and Sweat Box Yoga studio is Capitol Hill’s first and only winery, Cork House (1421 10th Ave.; 206.323.2675; corkhousewines.com). Travis Scarborough (of O’Shea Scarborough Winery) and Josh Fletcher opened the tasting room in September to showcase their locally made blends. The VibeThe décor is a welcoming “recycled chic,” including a…

Cravings: Ring in the New Year with Blended Boosters

Cravings: Ring in the New Year with Blended Boosters

The holidays celebrate the season’s bounty—sometimes with a little too much bounty. Here are five re

Thrive Cafe The refresh, made with cucumber, celery, kale and spinach, is a richly colored, nutrient-packed pick-me-up. Add some apple juice for a sweeter flavor. $6/12 ounces. Roosevelt, 1026 NE 65th St.; 206.525.0300; generationthrive.comHealeo Shake up your system with the wellness shot, made with fresh squeezed ginger and lemon juice and topped with oregano oil,…

Lead Pencil Studio's Border Changing Work

Lead Pencil Studio’s Border Changing Work

Local architects frame negative space at the U.S.-Canada border crossing, giving us an excuse to hea

Seattle-based architects and artists Daniel Mihalyo and Annie Han, who collaborate under the name Lead Pencil Studio (leadpencilstudio.com), have built their reputation on nothing. More specifically, their award-winning site-specific installations have focused on absence—such as in 2003’s “Stairway,” a spindly metal flight of stairs missing quite a few steps in the middle, and 2006’s phenomenal…

Grey Matters: Seattle Then and Now

Grey Matters: Seattle Then and Now

Whither Seattle? Knute Berger provides some perspective on where we’ve been and where we’re heading

Since we’ve got a year or two to go until the Mayan calendar runs out, there’s still a chance to think reflectively before the end of the world. There’s no denying that world has been changing, and so, too, our corner of it. Today’s Seattle is not the old Seattle that we knew. I’ve been…

Styled: Ian MacNeil Gets Tuxed Up

Styled: Ian MacNeil Gets Tuxed Up

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Ian MacNeil punches up black-tie attire with bold, splashy jackets.

Why we love his look: Ian MacNeil is always the life of the party. As chair of multiple galas around town (often sharing the honor with wife Laura), the Montlake-based business executive (he owns Lachselian Holdings, an aviation leasing firm) is always clad in preppy, boldly colored suits. “I like to dress appropriate to the…