January 2015

Goal to End Homelessness Still Out of Reach

The Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness turns 10

On January 24, 2014, there were 3,123 people sleeping on the streets and more than 6,000 in shelters or transitional housing in King County. When the Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness conducts its One Night Count again in the chilly, dark hours of a January night*, that number probably won’t be smaller, despite the fact…

Mandolin Brassaw

Spokane Author’s New Novel Dives into the World of Sasquatch

A Northwest writer brings Sasquatch out of the woods

The idea of Sasquatch has long been alluring, as the missing link that lurks at the edge of Northwest forests and also in our collective unconscious. In The Sasquatch Hunter’s Almanac, the expansive new novel by Spokane writer Sharma Shields, Bigfoot holds a more specific magnetism: He inspires a young mother to run off to…

Seattle Mag

Where to Eat for Cheap in Seattle and on the Eastside

49 delicious (and some superbly nutritious) meals out for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Breakfast of Champions For $10 or less Morsel and BeanThe name of this bright, new Ballard café (with a sister spot, known simply as Morsel, in the University District) may imply small, delicate portions of its signature item. But the truth is that these tender house-made biscuits are big enough to be a meal on…

Chelsea Lin & Amy Pennington

A Growing Family Sets Up in a Maltby Farmhouse

This rural sanctuary has a vintage feel with modern amenities

It’s one of the basic tenets of decorating: Where there are children, nothing shall be white. Evidently, Julie Thomas, blogger and mother of three active boys, never received that memo, as her whitewashed, vintage-farmhouse-inspired home can attest. “Everything that’s slipcovered can be thrown in the wash. I throw in a little bleach, which I couldn’t…

Alisa Welch

Infographic: The Seattle Cleanse

Time to clear out the blockages, hang-ups and annoyances stuck in your craw

Happy New Year, Seattle. It’s time to cleanse our souls of stale happenings of 2014.  

Seattle magazine editors and Killer Infographics

Dance Company Whim W’him’s First Official Show Debuts

A local dance company turns a corner

At his rehearsal studio in Bellevue, wearing pink and red socks emblazoned with “Whim W’him,” choreographer Olivier Wevers is clearly in his element. “Push the arms, but don’t swing them,” he gently directs his dancers, modeling the subtle difference. “Focus on the wrists.” This month, the former Pacific Northwest Ballet principal presents the first performance…

Seattle Mag