Seattle Magazine's The Must List

Say Goodbye to SAM’s Flying Cars, Hello to a Floating Tree

"Middle Fork”: John Grade’s masterpiece will look great from SAM’s lobby, but the third-floor view will be sensational

D. Scully

Drink This Now: Smith Tower Bar’s Ji Wei Jiu

Boasting an array of Asian influences, this Smith Tower bar cocktail is as lovely as the 35th-floor views

Lead bartender Jay Gurney with the Ji Wei Jiu at Temperance at Smith Tower

AJ Rathbun

GoCstudio’s Floating Sauna Sends Winter Blues Adrift

GoCstudio’s floating sauna is a one-of-a-kind space for blowing off steam

Architect Jon Gentry climbs the custom aluminum ladder of the ‘wa_sauna’, goCstudio’s outdoor floating sauna, as Tony Kim back flips

Kelly Skahan

These Organic Belgian Linens are Bedtime Bliss

We can’t stop thinking about these luxe organic linens

Rocco, the beloved pet of Phinney Ridge interior designer and store owner Renate Ruby, sits atop luxurious layers of Libeco

Kelly Skahan

Seattle Neighborhood Director Kathy Nyland, Accidental Activist

Neighborhood councils may abhor her, but Seattle’s new neighborhood director Kathy Nyland is determined to make more voices heard as Seattle reshapes itself for the future

Department of Neighborhoods director Kathy Nyland (pictured in SoDo) began as an activist who kept strip clubs from overrunning her

Erica C. Barnett

Restoration Hardware’s New University Village Home Is One Major Maison

Alex Crook

Eva Seelye