January 2019


5 Local Plant-Based Desserts You Must Try

Good and good for you? These desserts prove it’s possible

NO DAIRY? NO PROBLEM: The tiramisu slice from Pure Pies features neither mascarpone nor ladyfingers, but still manages a satisfying, creamy texture to highlight the rich combination of chocolate and coffee


Seattle, It’s Time to Talk About Death

There are many things we want to talk about with family and friends; death isn’t usually one of them. But from Death Salons to Death Cafes and dinners, there are plenty of signs in Seattle that this is changing

This article appears in print in the January 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. There are a couple of ways to kill a dinner conversation. First, discussion of politics, a truism that is magnified in our divisive modern age. Second, religion, although this doesn’t often come up on this side of the Cascades. Finally, death, though most people…


Seattle Pop Artist Puts Plastic in the Spotlight

A young Seattle artist’s provocative portraits sift through the layers of consumer culture, attracting the attention of some of the city’s art luminaries

CONSUMER CENTRIC: In his studio in the Chinatown/International District, Anthony White uses a utility knife to add detail to his paintings depicting consumer culture


Seattle Shops Embrace Enamel Pins

Show your local shop some love with these trendy enamel pins

PERSONAL FLAIR: A selection of enamel pins made by Zach Bolotin (and other designers) from Full Tilt Ice Cream, Glazer’s Camera, Porchlight Coffee, Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream, Good + Well Supply Co., and boutique Can’t Blame the Youth


New Plant Book Helps Foster Your Inner Green Thumb

A local plant whisperer shares her secrets in a new growing guide

This article appears in print in the January 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. “Plants make people happy!” says local greenery evangelist Jen Stearns. There’s some truth to that: According to her new book, The Inspired Houseplant (Sasquatch, January 29, $24.95), studies show that indoor plants filter our air, increase office productivity and give us a dopamine boost….


Shake Shack’s Seattle-Only Burger Is Worth the Wait

This all-local burger from an international chain justifies the long lines it attracts

BURGER MASTER: Shake Shack’s Montlake Double Cut Burger is an obvious choice, but you should pair it with crinkle cut fries and a “concrete,” (a frozen custard treat) for maximum enjoyment


Fake News? A Seattle Librarian Offers a Class to Help Separate Truth from Fiction

A local librarian is fighting back against fake news

A LIGHT IN THE DARK: Di Zhang in the computer lab at Seattle Central Library where he teaches his fake news class


Remodel and Refresh Your Way into the Home of Your Dreams

Get inspired with homeowner success stories and expert tips

This article appears in print in the January 2019 issue, as part of the Remodel & Refresh cover story. Click here to subscribe. Anyone who has driven Seattle’s residential streets and noticed how many are now lined with shiny new complexes and contemporary, boxy homes knows that Seattle is building like mad. But it’s not just new buildings…


This Wallingford Kitchen Remodel Lets the Sun Shine In

The homeowners wanted each of the rooms to feel distinct yet also allow people, light and sound to move more fluidly through from the front of the house to the back

SEEING RED: Homeowner Walt Mason found this stunning 1940s-era O’Keefe & Merritt stove on Craigslist and had it restored by a company in Los Angeles; it now works “right down to the clock,” he says


Speakeasy in the Spheres Is as Extravagant as It Sounds

Renee Erickson’s new spot is unlike anything in the city

STRATO-SPHERE: Deep Dive, located within the Amazon Spheres, is as much museum as drinking destination


A Magnolia Home Refresh Without the Construction Mess

An interior designer revitalizes her own Magnolia home — without knocking down any walls

ART ATTACK: Designer Lindsay Pincus says finding the right art (particularly large-scale pieces to fit a large room) is one of the biggest challenges of a refresh project. Luckily, this eye-catching butterfly piece works beautifully


How to Razor Clam Like a Pro

January—halfway through the season—is prime time for razor clamming. Here's how to do it right

CLAM UP: A razor clammer on Long Beach uses a clam gun, a tubular contraption that sucks up the long clams without breaking their shells

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Taylor Swift/YouTube

New auditorium, better BMX track and a greener Seattle

Casket Case Bellevue company’s product featured in Taylor Swift video Social media absolutely lost it after a casket manufactured by Bellevue-based Titan Casket was featured in American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift’s recent “Anti-Hero” music video. Tweets and Instagram posts from Swift’s fans about the casket have generated tens of thousands of likes and retweets, resulting in…

Act Theater: History of Theatre group shot-cropped

Seattle Celebrates Black History Month

A guide to events happening throughout the city in February

From the Northwest African American Museum to the Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle residents have an abundance of opportunities to celebrate the achievements of African Americans in February during Black History Month. The annual celebration began in the United States in 1976. Countries around the world also celebrate the month. Here’s a guide to events…