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Best Northwest Hikes and Walks

Find serenity, soaring views—and a sweet workout—on these 20 spectacular trails.

A sweeping glacial vista on a bluebird afternoon…an ancient rain forest, trees dripping with moss…the fecund scent of a deep…

Kristen Russell & Roddy Scheer

High Tech Help for Preventing Sports Brain Injury

A Seattle company could hold a key to solving the nationwide epidemic of sport-related concussions.

The numbers are staggering: An estimated 3.8 million sport- and recreation-related concussions occur every year across the country, according to…

Karen West

Three Livesaving Developments Pioneered Locally

Including the first new drug approved by the FDA for Hodgkin’s lymphoma in more than 30 years.

Three Eastside tech firms have pioneered lifesaving new devices and treatments in the past year. Redmond’s Mobisante has created a…

Seattle Mag

Multiple Sclerosis Update: Major New MS Center Opens in Seattle

Multiple sclerosis is more prevalent in the Northwest than almost anywhere else on earth, for reasons that are largely unknown,…

Seattle Mag

“Smart” Cancer Treatment for Kids

This developing therapy could potentially one day eliminate the need for chemotherapy and radiation.

There’s a powerful new weapon in the battle against pediatric cancer, thanks to a new “smart” therapy that could one…

Karen West

Sleep Deprived in Seattle

Why local experts are prescribing fewer sleeping pills despite a growing insomnia epidemic.

When Courtney Crocker found herself wide awake and cleaning her house at 4 a.m., she knew she needed a different…

Sheila Cain