July 2018

See Infinity Mirrors and Neon Arcades at Winston Wachter’s ‘Summer Dreams’

A new group exhibit captures the spirit of the season

Neon Saltwater’s “Mindgames Love Arcade” is an immersive staged room installation, with furniture, wallpaper and framed prints (like this one) designed to take the viewer to alternate realms

Gavin Borchert

A New Graphic Novel Will Be Set at the Shuttered Georgetown Steam Plant

The National History Landmark will soon be in the spotlight

This article appears in print in the July 2018 issue. Click here to subscribe. In recent years, the Georgetown Steam Plant (6605 13th Ave. S), built in 1906 and used to power Seattle intermittently over the years, hasn’t seen much action. (It was last used by its owner, Seattle City Light, in 1973.) But the shuttered plant, a…

Austin Iverson

Bellingham in Summer Is Outdoor Central

Celebrate summer with adventures up north

A pedestrian bridge in Whatcom Falls Park

Danny Sullivan

This New Seattle Hotel Has a Teeter-Totter in the Lobby Because Why Not?

The Moxy Hotel features a lobby turned playground for the fun-loving traveler

UPS AND DOWNS: The teeter-totter in the lobby of the new Moxy hotel is an irresistible attraction

Megan Toal

Seattle Artists and Tacoma’s Homegrown Creatives are Growing a Buzzworthy South Sound Arts Scene

The DIY spirit of Seattle’s scrappy little sister—along with its affordability—is creating a notable art scene populated, in part, by displaced Seattle artists

SIGNS POINT TO YES: As part of the city’s public mural project, Tacoma artist Mindy Barker created this astrally affirmational mural near the Hilltop neighborhood

Gwendolyn Elliott

@seattlewalkreport Is the City’s Best Instagram Account

An anonymous Seattle artist tells the story of our city at ground level

This article appears in print in the July 2018 issue. Click here to subscribe. Her followers know her as “Seattle Walk Report” (@seattlewalkreport), the name of the Instagram account this anonymous artist started last year to log her discoveries on long walks through neighborhoods in the city. Averaging about two “reports” a week, the self-taught illustrator files hand-drawn…

Gwendolyn Elliott