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This Ballard Garage Is Transformed Into a Studio That Invites the Outdoors In

The multipurpose space can serve as a home gym, play space, planting area or entertaining venue

Dillon wanted the space to serve multiple purposes, so it was designed as an open room that could be a

Chelsea Lin

PNW Shop Owner and Amazonian Talks Fashion in Seattle

Rebecca Cornelius balances two jobs—shop owner and brand specialist for Amazon—but it’s her high-concept outfits that tip the scale

This article appears in print in the July 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. If you commute on the ferry from Bremerton to…

Andrew Hoge

This Decadent French Dessert Makes You Feel Like Royalty

The queen of macarons introduces an extravagant French dessert

The dark swan from Lady Yum

Chelsea Lin

Seattle Artisan Harnesses Age-old Techniques To Make Kayaks

Central District-based craftsman Kiliii Yuyan teaches the art of boatbuilding at local workshops

WATER TIGHT: You can build (or buy) your own seaworthy skin-on-frame kayak with the help of Kiliii Yuyan

Chris Robinson

These Homes Offer the Best PNW Views

For $3 million-plus, these Bellevue, Laurelhurst and West Seattle homes deliver on the views

WINDOW WALL: This new West Seattle home offers distracting views of Elliott Bay

Shannon O'Leary

Backstory: Seattle’s Tucked Away Waterfall Garden Park Stands out for Its Unlikely Story

This hidden pocket park is an ode to the origins of a parcel delivery service

This article appears in print in the July 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. The Landmark: Waterfall Garden ParkThe Location: Pioneer Square, 219 Second…

Lena Beck