July/August 2022

The Pete of the Moment

Pete Carroll is relying on everything he’s learned as he enters a new phase

7:29 a.m.: A Wednesday morning, early June and Pete Carroll sits behind the desk in his second-floor office. To his…

Danny O’Neil

Sizzling Seattle Suburbia

This city is the most popular housing market in the country

A Seattle suburb perhaps best-known for its wine, tourism and recreation has notched another big achievement as the most popular…

Rob Smith

Teen Spirit

Shining the spotlight on girl entrepreneurs

Kate Isler and Susan Gates launched TheWMarketplace with a simple purpose in mind: to support women-owned and “gender-balanced” businesses. It…

Rob Smith

Heartbeat: How Corvin saved my marriage

There are many ways to further your own happiness

Well, of course the headline is an overstatement, but really, this column is all about finding a way to cope…

Pepper Schwartz

Feeding Food Banks

Food banks seek help as inflation soars

As a political junkie closely attuned to current events, Rainier Valley Food Bank CEO Gloria Hatcher-Mays could see it coming….

Rob Smith

Getting a Charge Out of Tesla

‘I haven’t visited a gas station in eight years’

Seattle soccer and EV cars both had a big year in 2009. One man had the vision for both: Adrian…

Matt Bell