June 2014

43 Places Around Seattle We Bet You Didn’t Know About

It's summer, so get out and explore with this insider's guide to our city's best-kept secrets

Seattle’s charms can be a little showy—the snow-capped mountains, the glimmering bodies of water, the bounty of locally grown food and hand-crafted goods, not to mention our rivers of high-caliber coffee. So it’s nice to know that the city holds secret wonders as well. We’ve gathered up a slew of hidden gems well worth unearthing,…

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New Date Night Spot: Liam’s in U Village

!–paging_filter–pHere’s the thing about Liam’s (2685 NE 46th St.; 206.527.6089; a href=”http://www.liamsbistro.com” target=”_blank”liamsbistro.com/a): It will most likely exceed your expectations, because, let’s face it, great dining isn’t usually associated with University Village. Kurt Dammeier, the guy behind Beecher’s, Bennett’s, Pasta Co. and Maximus/Minimus, saw an opportunity to put in a stylish, adult-oriented restaurant when U…

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Grab This Card Game For Your Next Night at the Pub

A new, locally designed card game is perfect for pubs

!–paging_filter–pSeattle game designer James Ernest, of tabletop game company Cheapass Games (a href=”http://www.cheapass.com” target=”_blank”cheapass.com/a), made a splash this spring with a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for his totally new card game called Pairs. Portable and easy to play (for two–eight players), the Pairs deck has 55 cards (one 1, two 2s and so on up…

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Yes, Seattle Has an Underwater Hockey Team

Seattle’s underwater hockey team heads to nationals

!–paging_filter–pSeattle is known for its rabidly loyal fans—we love our Seahawks, Sounders, Storm and even the troubled Mariners—but there’s one local team that has yet to gain a vocal following: the Seahammers. The lack of team scarves, 12th men and bobbleheads is likely due to the fact that the Seahammers are hard to see. Seattle’s…

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Ballard’s Brimmer Heeltap Serves Up New American Food with a Twist

Brimmer Heeltap refers first to a brimming glass and second, to the last dreg you can never seem to retrieve from the bottom. It’s a name proprietress Jen Doak (former manager of The Tasting Room) had in her back pocket for years before she opened her Ballard bistro pub in the former Le Gourmand space…

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Travel Ideas: Sail Away on a Tall Ship

Discovering British Columbia’s Gulf Islands by tall ship

A shout from the foredeck shatters the foggy stillness: “Dallies on the bow!” I look to the captain, Greg Shea. We are in the wheelhouse of the tall ship Maple Leaf, during a four-day cruise around British Columbia’s Gulf Islands. He switches the motoring boat over to autopilot, and we clamber up front for a…

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