The June 2016 Issue


Where to Get the Best Clam Chowder in Seattle

Clam chowder, particularly outside its native New England, can be easily overlooked—too thick, too chewy, too frequently relegated to a bread bowl. But done right, it is the stuff of legend. At Duke’s Chowder House, it’s precisely that—a family recipe (using a bacon roux and unique combination of herbs) on which a local empire with…


Recipe for Rhubarb Shrub

Whip up this delicious drink now


Seafood Dishes We Love

We could try to name our city’s best seafood restaurant.


Our Favorite Sushi Spots

Where to score the best sushi in town


Where to Get the Best Fish and Chips

Team Panko or Team Beer Batter? These fish and chips prove it’s all good


The Best Seafood Restaurants in Seattle

What makes a seafood restaurant memorable?


A Field Guide to Crab

Cracking open the Northwest’s manna from heaven


Best Places to Get Oysters

Best spots to slurp and sample your way through our regional bivalves


A Field Guide to Pacific Oysters

Few of our outstanding regional foods reflect a taste of place quite like oysters do. Because these bivalves filter many gallons of water daily, they literally take on the taste of their home, thanks to specific nutrients, minerality, brininess and other characteristics of the water they inhabit. And holding that craggy, rough shell—which may carry…


The Best Fish Markets in the City

Best places to buy the freshest seafood


A Field Guide to Salmon

If Seattle had a fish mascot, it would be salmon. We catch it, grill it, cure it and love the fishers to the north who bring it to market. Even though Alaska is home to 95 percent of the country’s wild salmon, most of us still don’t know our coho from our king. Each of…


Where to Find the Best Seafood in Seattle

The definitive guide to finding the freshest catch of the day, every day