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Seattle-based Luxury Jets Take Travel to new Heights

Get ready for takeoff with these private plane experiences for any budget

» Up…Now celebrating its 70th anniversary, Kenmore Air (, based at the north end of Lake Washington, has long been…

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Full Extension: Tariqa Waters’ Personal Art & Style

In arts and in fashion, Tariqa Waters is unapologetically herself

Hair RaisingAsk artist and Martyr Sauce gallery owner Tariqa Waters about her morning dressing routine and she’ll tell you it…

Jennifer McCullum

What Seattle’s Density Problem is Doing to Your Summer Plans

Our state’s population is growing, but not the number of our state campsites

On a sunny summer weekend last year, I loaded my car with a tent, camping stove and border collie and…

Diana Wurn

How the Name ‘Alaskan Way’ Came to Be (Hint: it Took Awhile)

Our revamped waterfront will need a new name. Should Seattle reconsider ‘Cosmos Quay'?’

Sometime after 2020, Seattle will wake up to a spanking new waterfront. Assuming Bertha finishes her work, the Alaskan Way…

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Delicious Seafood and Drink Pairings

Our creative duos prove that odd couples can make the most interesting dinner companions

Sip and Slurp: Beer and Oysters! The essence of an oyster is rich and complex, with flavors that curiously manage…

Kendall Jones, Paul Zitarelli and Jessica Yadegaran

Duke’s Award Winning Clam Chowder

Ingredients: 2 cups baby red potatoes, diced medium 4 slices nitrite-free bacon ½ cup Darigold butter 2 cups onions, diced…

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