March 2015

The Risky Side of Springing Forward

A local sleep expert examines the darkest day of daylight savings

Prepare for a bit of time travel this month: Sunday, March 8, was the day we sprang forward one hour in the name of longer, lighter evenings. But it’s not all kayaking after work and eating picnic dinners. Assistant professor Christopher Barnes of the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business has been studying the…

Kimberly Downing

Your 2015 Spring Arts Guide

45 arts events--theater, music, film and more--to experience this spring

Among the many signs that spring has arrived are the wealth of excellent performances, exhibits and concerts suddenly competing for space in our calendars. Will you get to know a Lizard Boy, indulge in Splurge Land or buckle up with Chastity Belt? We recommend all three—and 42 more arts events—in our guide to the best…

Brangien Davis

New Fiction By Washington-Based Authors

These two local authors place powerful characters amid vivid landscapes

Black River by S.M. Hulse (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $24) This striking debut novel by Spokane writer S.M. Hulse is a contemporary Western that has earned critical comparisons to the work of Larry McMurtry, Annie Proulx and Wallace Stegner—and deservedly so. Hulse uses spare language to craft a rich portrait of inland Northwest as a backdrop…

Seattle Mag

Inside the Workshops of Four Emerald City Comicon Cosplayers

This is what it takes to prep for the annual, highly costumed affair

Scenes from the workshop of cosplayer Eric Jones, of CoregeekSometimes, when trying to replicate a villainous, power-hungry Asgardian’s wardrobe, you just have to punt. “I use a technique where I wrap the [human] subject with plastic wrap and tape—either duct or masking,” says Eric Jones, about making the form for the Loki costume (from The…

Jake Uitti and Danelle Jaeger

A New Book Uncovers Marine Magic in the Salish Sea

Local Scientist-Authors dive deep into the ecosystem of the Salish Sea

One of the many pleasures of beachcombing along the shores of Puget Sound is the immense variation in the colors of the stones—deep purple, jade green, burgundy, caramel, speckled or striped black and white. To wanderers, it looks like a beautiful carpet but to marine scientists the diversity tells an exciting story about the geological…

Seattle Mag

Going Inside the Geekfest that is Emerald City Comicon

Behind the scenes of the high-energy, costumed celebration of comics, geek culture and superfans

If you find yourself approaching the Washington State Convention Center later this month and Thor, Wonder Woman or Geordi La Forge hold the door open for you, just smile, nod a “thank you” and step right in like you belong. You’ve arrived at Emerald City Comicon (ECCC)—ground zero for Seattle’s superhero fandom. It all happens…

Jake Uitti