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The Barrel Thief Shines in Fremont

Just blocks from the center of the center of the universe, The Barrel Thief stands out from the crow

With a name like The Barrel Thief (3417 Evanston Ave. N, No. 102; 206.402.5492), it’s no surprise the drink menu…

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A Splash of Color and Ample Storage Freshen this Kitchen

Innovative storage solutions help a Mount Baker couple entertain in style

For Marcus Rempel and Sandi Everlove, the expression “too many cooks in the kitchen” felt literal in the 250-square-foot kitchen…

Kate Calamusa

Randy Minkler Celebrates 25 Years of Clowning Around

Seattle’s clown jewel turns 25 at the Moisture Festival

For the last 25 years, Seattle performer Randy Minkler has been taking the stage in the guise of a clown…

Lara Roché-Sudar

Brass and Marble Mix in the Jana Lamp

Light it up with this spectacular creation from Arteriors

With its rich gleam and sculptural quality, brass gets top marks for lending polish to home decor. Lighting fires this…

Kate Calamusa

Are Chefs Becoming Better Businesspeople?

What's behind the recent spate of chefs opening two or more restaurants in the same space

There’s an old French saying, “Jamais deux sans trois,” an adage that falls roughly between “Things come in threes” and…

Jess Thomson

A Hidden Mediterranean Gem in Lake City

Man'oushe Express serves up wood-fired Mediterranean flatbread

In this age of food obsession and social media, would-be best-kept food secrets are shared via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram….

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