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Brighten Up Your Home With These Simple Northwest Candlestick Holders

Notary Ceramics candleholders at Flora and Henri add a hint of hygge to the home

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Megan Toal

A Seattle Woodworker Is Turning Bathtubs Into Works of Art

Award-winning Seattle design studio NK Woodworking crafts one-of-a-kind bathtubs from domestic and exotic hardwoods, finished with a durable marine varnish.

Prices for the Lotus model pictured here start at $30,000

Danny Sullivan

This Wonderfully Balanced Cocktail Is Worth a Trip to Tacoma

The Bamboo cocktail at newly opened en Rama in Tacoma is best sipped slowly

En Rama (in Tacoma) bartender Chris Keil’s love of sherry shows up in this balanced, playful drink that’s best to

AJ Rathbun

Why Seattle Is One of the Most Rat-Infested Cities in America

Our city’s hyper construction is causing more than traffic issues. Experts believe it’s one reason our city is ranking high as a rodent-infested town, and getting rid of the pests is anything but easy

One longer term solution to the rat problems is to target their reproductive systems, a novel approach to controlling a

Jen Swanson

Which Seattle Neighborhoods Are Seeing the Biggest Changes in Home Values?

Zillow gives us the future forecast on where Seattle's neighborhoods are heading

This article appears in print in the March 2018 issue, as part of the “Best of the Burbs” cover story. Click here…

Virginia Smyth

14 Seattle Neighborhoods, From Most Affordable to Million-Dollar Homes

Despite those prices, you still want to settle in Seattle?

Nothing beats Seattle on a beautiful day, but high housing prices and low inventory mean its harder and harder for

Megan Lamb and Virginia Smyth