March 2019

The Best Seattle Area Neighborhoods Near Light Rail

The Link light rail is growing, with extensions planned in Seattle and Eastside neighborhoods. Our handy guide shows you the best places to live close to current and future light rail stations

LINKED IN: A Link light rail train pulls into the station at Columbia City, a neighborhood that has been boosted by its arrival

Hallie Golden and Niki Stojnic, with Emma Franke

The Best North Seattle Neighborhoods Near Light Rail

Though the light rail stations are not set to open until 2021 in the North End, real estate agents have already started featuring this mass-transportation option in their advertisements

COMING ATTRACTIONS: Northgate Mall owners are planning to tear down 60 percent of the shopping center, replacing much of it with residential buildings, office towers and a training facility for the city’s new National Hockey League team

Hallie Golden

The Best Bellevue and Redmond Neighborhoods Near Light Rail

Soon Seattle will be connected to its Eastside neighbors thanks to light rail stations opening in 2023

A new transit-oriented development, Esterra Park, is being built along 152nd Avenue NE, within walking distance of the Overlake light rail station

Hallie Golden

The Best South Seattle Neighborhoods Near Light Rail

These local 'hoods have seen changes and growth since the arrival of Link light rail

El Centro de la Raza, a longtime neighborhood center near the light rail station entrance, is being joined by new construction

Niki Stojnic

This Seattle Baker is Designing Stunningly Beautiful Pies

Seattle’s preeminent pie baker finds inspiration in architecture and design

From left: Tri-colored woven blueberry pie and mixed berry pinwheel pie

Chelsea Lin

The Best Downtown Seattle Neighborhoods Near Light Rail

As our city becomes more dense, people are choosing to live and work downtown

GROWING UP: The Wave apartments in Pioneer Square are convenient to CenturyLink Field and King Street Station

Niki Stojnic and Hallie Golden