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The Best SeaTac Neighborhoods Near Light Rail

There's more to these neighborhoods than their close proximity to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Homes around Angle Lake

Niki Stojnic

AIA Home of Distinction: Leschi House Gets an Eco-Friendly Addition

Five years after moving into their dream home, a Seattle couple builds a backyard dwelling with benefits

SUN ROOF: The owners wanted the cottage to be as green as possible, so Chadbourne + Doss Architects added solar

Jennifer Pinto

Why Condos Are Making a Huge Comeback

For years, few of these multifamily structures were being built. But the market is changing—dramatically

Nexus will open later this year in Belltown, offering residents amenities such as a rooftop lounge

Niki Stojnic

The 16th Annual Moisture Festival Celebrates Seattle’s Culture of Weird

The festival kicks off on March 14

WELL-BALANCED: Brittany Walsh, aka AcroBritt, holds a world record in acrobatic archery

Gavin Borchert

This Seattle 10-Year-Old’s Accessory Hobby Grows Into a Family Business

A local 10-year-old designer has a flair for neckwear

CUTIE TIE: Jaylin Harris models one of the ascots she helps make

Andrew Hoge

A Seattle Coffee Slinger Defends His Title at the US Barista Championship

If Cole McBride wins, he’ll again represent the U.S. at the world championships in Boston

CAFFEINE FIX: Barista champion Cole McBride is the mastermind behind the coffee menu at Ada’s Discovery Café, where you can

Chelsea Lin