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Spring Arts Preview: The Top Shows, Events and Exhibits of the Season

Pull out your calendar; it’s time to pencil in the season’s top performances, shows and concerts you won’t want to miss

Jeffrey Gibson’s 2014 mixed media sculpture, “Like a Hammer”

Gwendolyn Elliott & Gavin Borchert

Peek Inside the Impressive Amount of New and Reopened Venues Across the City

Spring is the season of new beginnings, a budding promise that rings especially true this arts season with a handful of highly anticipated venue openings and reopenings, each rolling out dynamic programming, performances and refreshed purpose

S. Surface, Office of Arts & Culture King Street Station Program Lead (seated) and Asia Tail, one of three curators

Gwendolyn Elliott & Gavin Borchert

A New Ballard Vegan Joint Pays Tribute to the Potato

A temple to the humble spud takes root in Ballard

LOCK AND LOAD: There’s actually a potato (frequently paired with chili, above) under all these plant-based toppings

Chelsea Lin