March/April 2023

Clarity - Confidence or Cash: a Paradox

Clarity – Confidence or Cash: a Paradox


Sensitive men are having their moment right now, which means it should be my time to shine. I see my therapist every other week. I talk about my feelings. I cried in public before it was ever considered a sign of strength. You want vulnerable? I’m so freaking vulnerable. I’m the kind of guy who…

Heartbeat: When Hearts and Heads Collide

Heartbeat: When Hearts and Heads Collide

Perhaps everyone has heard the saying that goes something like “to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results is the definition of crazy.” We all smile knowingly, perhaps even smugly. Of course, that’s true. But we shouldn’t be so smug because if that’s the definition of crazy, we are all…

Decolonizing dining in Seattle

Decolonizing dining in Seattle

Hillel Echo-Hawk is at the forefront of Seattle’s Indigenous food movement

In 2022, an Indigenous-owned restaurant serving a precolonial menu — Owamni, in Minneapolis — earned a James Beard Award as the best restaurant in the country. Names like Sean Sherman and Crystal Wahpepah (respectively, a Beard award finalist for best emerging chef, and the first Native American chef to compete on the Food Network’s Chopped)…

Letter to Seattle: Little Things Matter

Letter to Seattle: Little Things Matter

A small gesture has big meaning for uplift Northwest client

Letter to Seattle highlights the good deeds and positive experiences in our region. This is a letter from Devin Pullium to Uplift Northwest, a Seattle nonprofit that provides job opportunities and job-preparation services to people experiencing poverty and homelessness. I’ve been with Uplift Northwest since 2016 as a day laborer. I love working with Uplift…

Pride in Place: Why Seattle Architecture Shines

Pride in Place: Why Seattle Architecture Shines

Seattle's Past Influences its Modern-Day and Future Architecture

George Suyama has had an outsized influence on much of what we know as modern-day Seattle, but he never planned on a career in architecture. Suyama, a Seattle native who has been practicing architecture in the region for more than six decades, founded his award-winning firm, George Suyama Architects (now Suyama Peterson Deguchi), in 1971….

Book: Revel in the Natural World

Book: Revel in the Natural World

Enjoy a wild year outdoors with Lauren Braden's book, '52 Ways to Nature: Washington'

What do forest bathing, storm watching, geocaching, fungi foraging, and razor clamming have in common? These are just a few of the multitude of outdoor activities described in Lauren Braden’s new book, 52 Ways to Nature: Washington: Your Seasonal Guide to a Wilder Year. This book, published by nonprofit outdoor community The Mountaineers last spring,…

The birth of pre-funk

The birth of pre-funk

a look at Seattle’s first real citywide Mardi Gras

According to the online slang compendium Urban Dictionary, the term “pre-funk” is defined as “an informal social gathering that takes place prior to the official ceremony, or social gathering, usually involving intoxicating activities and generally resulting in inebriation.” Further research shows that it’s actually a regional phrase, specific to the Pacific Northwest, and is a…

Sea to shining snack: Seattle's seaweed syndicate

Sea to shining snack: Seattle’s seaweed syndicate

Hot superfood kelp has arrived in Seattle by way of an unexpected treat

Travis Bettinson wants people to fall in love with kelp. His organic, gluten-free, and vegan puffed kelp snacks, Seacharrones, hit the market last March with a mission to create a sustainable product that bucks the stereotype that seaweed can’t be crave-worthy. With consumers a lot less salty about the idea of sea-based snacks, thanks to…

Travel - Calgary is Full of Surprises

Travel – Calgary is Full of Surprises

Get acquainted with Calgary, Canada’s friendliest big city

Take a well-organized, thriving metropolis of more than 1 million people and add in hipster food joints, craft cocktails, the culture of a cosmopolitan city, and vibrant street art. Shake it up like a martini and scatter it in the Canadian prairie surrounded by mountain villages and jaw-dropping scenery. This is Calgary — and all…

Seattle's BLOCK Project is expanding

Seattle’s BLOCK Project is expanding


Editor’s note: The homeowners requested that their last name or neighborhood not be used. In the early days of the pandemic, Sarah and her husband, Robbie, looked around at their safe and comfortable home and couldn’t stop thinking about how people experiencing homelessness were faring during those tense weeks and months of social distancing. Years…

Dining in Seattle - Back to the Table

Dining in Seattle – Back to the Table

The growth of Seattle's Indigenous food space reclaims the origins of North American cuisine

At Seattle’s newest Indigenous-owned restaurant, ʔálʔal Café (the Lushootseed word means “home” and is pronounced “all-all”), diners can enjoy dishes from tribal nations across the United States. There’s wild rice from the Red Lake Nation in Minnesota; chocolate from the Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma; maple sugar and syrup from the Passamaquoddy Tribe in Maine; blue…

Screen Gem - Nate Burleson

Screen Gem – Nate Burleson


Nate Burleson was right. It is awfully early. Just after 5 a.m., in fact, and while the lights in Times Square remain on that’s because the lights in Times Square never turn off and as I approach the Broadway address for the studio where we’re meeting, a man in a suit steps forward. “Who are…