March/April 2023

Seattle's Street Seen - Hair Apparent

Seattle’s Street Seen – Hair Apparent

These vibrant styles all make the cut

This month’s “Seattle Seen” puts a special focus on the most beautifully hair-endowed amongst us. If hair is 75% self-esteem, then this segment of Seattle’s population would assuredly be plenty self-possessed. These trendsetters exhibit a vibrant display of personal style, grooming, make-up, and a distinctly Pacific Northwest attitude. These are the round pegs in the…

An Intervention: Seattle architects weigh in on the city's style

An Intervention: Seattle architects weigh in on the city’s style

How buildings can bring famously guarded Seattleites together

The elevator door opens. You step aboard and join a few others on the 30-second ride down to the ground floor. If you’re a Seattleite, you know instinctively to stare ahead, up, down — anywhere but into the eyes of a stranger. When the noiseless descent ends, you escape the forced close quarters to get…

Fave Five: Eggs, Gin, Books, Clothes

Fave Five: Eggs, Gin, Books, Clothes

Discover, or reintroduce yourself, to these noteworthy Seattle treasures

1 BRUNCH is practically a competitive sport for restaurants in Seattle and one of the top contenders is Single Shot. This Capitol Hill dinner spot offers a sophisticated twist on familiar late morning fare: avocado toast, bacon hash, and a tight selection of things made with eggs. Plan for tricky parking, and the entrance discreet,…

'Blandmarks,' not 'Landmarks:' Why Seattle architecture falls short

‘Blandmarks,’ not ‘Landmarks:’ Why Seattle architecture falls short


I’m not an architect. I’m not an urban planner. I’m not a developer. I am just a guy who has chosen to live most of his life in Seattle, and I’m disappointed. I fell in love with the Emerald City while visiting in the early 1990s, so much so that I moved my family from…

Cult Paint Brand Lick! Develops a Seattle Palette

Cult Paint Brand Lick! Develops a Seattle Palette

Hip paint brand describes Seattle’s color palette

You’d be forgiven if you thought the ideal color to describe Seattle is “gray” — at least for eight months of the year. That’s certainly not how paint brand Lick! sees it. The cult favorite home-décor brand chose Seattle as one of only five cities for its new collection of U.S. City Palettes — a…

Travel - The New Adventures of Old Athens

Travel – The New Adventures of Old Athens


When you’re one of the oldest cities in the world, you’re bound to experience some ups and downs. Witness Athens, historically 3,400 years old but probably many thousands more. Anyone who might have visited Athens — say, during their college years with a backpack on the way to the islands — may have decided they…

100 Years of Seattle Modernism

100 Years of Seattle Modernism


Modernism is a 20th-century style roughly defined by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as encompassing “individual design movements that expressed modern ideals in different ways. Technical innovation, experimentation, and rethinking the way humans lived in and used the designed environment, whether buildings or landscapes.” Frank Lloyd Wright launched his firm in Chicago in 1893,…

Stride Pride: Washington's exercise culture

Stride Pride: Washington’s exercise culture


Washington is a naturally beautiful state. It’s safe. Its air quality is comparatively topnotch. That makes it one of the best states to go running, according to a report by exercise and nutrition company Fitness Voit, which ranks it No. 5. The report notes that Washington hosts only two major marathons, but makes up for…

Arts: From Screen to Stage at Pacific Northwest Ballet

Arts: From Screen to Stage at Pacific Northwest Ballet

As part of its 50th anniversary, Pacific Northwest Ballet presents work from its pandemic choreographers, including two world premieres

Three years ago — like much of the world — Pacific Northwest Ballet was forced to shut its doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Company members, choreographers, and musicians hunkered down in their homes, hoping for a short quarantine that would allow them to get back into the studio quickly. As we now know, that…

Conde Nast encourages tourists to visit Seattle

Conde Nast encourages tourists to visit Seattle


Seattle is just one of 23 cities on Condé Nast Traveler’s prestigious list of Best Places to Go in the U.S. for 2023. “Seattle is a chameleonic city where change is a byword,” the outlet writes. “If you haven’t visited since the pandemic, you’ve got some catching up to do.” The article cites the Central…

Books: R&B and the origins of Northwest rock-'n'-roll

Books: R&B and the origins of Northwest rock-‘n’-roll

‘Stomp and Shout’ details how Black and youth culture shaped the Northwest sound

YOU KNOW THAT SEATTLE was the birthplace of grunge. You may not be aware that the city also boasts a distinct offshoot of rockin’ R&B that took hold back in the late 1950s. In his newest book, Stomp and Shout: R&B and the Origins of Northwest Rock and Roll, historian Peter Blecha tells the story…

MOHAI honors Black Architects

MOHAI honors Black Architects

Traveling Exhibit Highlights Innovators Who Broke Barriers

Seattle’s iconic Museum of History and Industry, or MOHAI, is the first venue outside Chicago to host the national traveling exhibit, From the Ground Up: Black Architects and Designers. The exhibit runs through April 30. The exhibit serves as a narrative of the evolution of architecture produced by African American architects across the U.S. and…