May 2010

Wabi-Sabi Sushi Restaurant Review

Wabi-Sabi Sushi Restaurant Review

Fresh food in a comfortable, neighborhood dining place.

Southenders (myself included) have had “sushi restaurant” on our wish lists for years. So when I heard Wabi-Sabi was the latest project from Thoa Nguyen (formerly of Columbia City, now living in the Central District) who serves tasty pan-Asian dishes at Chinoise Café and Thoa’s Restaurant & Lounge, I was heartened. Could it be that…

Toulouse Petit Restaurant Review

Toulouse Petit Restaurant Review

Brian Hutmacher get's serious with Toulouse Petit and a New Orleans inspired menu.

Brian Hutmacher could have cut corners when he opened Toulouse Petit in November. As the owner of Mexican restaurant (and singles meat market) Peso’s, right next door, no one would’ve blamed him if he had taken the easy road and opened a New Orleans themed doppelganger aimed at the flirty, heavy-drinking party crowd. Instead, it’s…

Mistral Kitchen's Winds of Change

Mistral Kitchen’s Winds of Change

With a wide range of dining options, a new, all-embracing Mistral sweeps into Seattle.

The smell of duck fat beckons, but the air is cool—and so is William Belickis’ demeanor as he sears foie gras on the large griddle, or plancha, of his customized Jade range. Tall, pale, with ebony hair, Belickis is dressed in a short-sleeved, dishwasher-style shirt. He is an unflustered master, with time, despite a mini-rush,…

Voice: How Can We Clean Up Pike Place Market?

Something smells fishy at Pike Place--and it's not the salmon

Category: teaser headlines   Something smells fishy at Pike Place–and it’s not the salmon Street SmartMy parents almost bought one of those million-dollar condos smack dab in the heart of the Pike Place Market recently, but backed out at the last minute. They walked away for a number of reasons, none of which included…

Our Favorite Things: May 2010

Beautiful Works for the Bathroom

Category: teaser headlines   Beautiful Works for the Bathroom Hot HardwareAs with any room, it’s the details that make design truly shine. Drawer and cabinet knobs and pulls from Chown Hardware (12001 NE 12th St., Bellevue; 425.454.7420; 333 NW 16th Ave., Portland; 503.243.6500; beautifully bring the bling with collections by Edgar Berebi, featuring…

Hot Button

You could help put Seattle in the black if a camera catches you running a red. But is the price for

Category: teaser headlines   You could help put Seattle in the black if a camera catches you running a red. But is the price for safer streets too high?  Photo SensitiveWhen Mike McKim made a right turn on red at the corner of NW Market Street and 15th Avenue NW in Ballard last December,…

Area: Pot Spot

Capitol Hill

Category: teaser headlines   Capitol Hill’s Ragen  & Associates has a pot for every plant Pot SpotChip Ragen, landscape designer and owner of Ragen & Associates (517 E Pike St., Seattle; 206.793.0949;, earned his green thumb early. In elementary school he was winning contests put on by the Seattle Gardening Club. The late…

Health: Bootlegging For Baby

New mothers in need of breast milk are turning to Seattle

Category: teaser headlines   New mothers in need of breast milk are turning to Seattle’s underground milk-sharing network to feed their infantsThe benefits of breastfeeding—lowering a child’s risk of certain illnesses, for example—are so well documented that the federal government has a slogan, “Babies Were Born To Be Breastfed,” to promote the practice. Ballard…

Area: Scottish Style

Mastering Highland Golf-Inspired Design

Category: teaser headlines   Mastering Highland Golf-Inspired Design Scottish StyleEvery evening at sunset from May through September, a bagpiper wanders the links at the posh-yet-public Newcastle Golf Club (15500 Six Penny Lane, Newcastle; 425.793.5566;, providing an aptly Scottish score for its golfers and restaurant guests. As you sit deck-side at the stone manor-style…

Tasting Notes: Washington’s New Distilleries


Category: Tasting Notes   Washington’s new distillers create potent potables from fruits of the vine Still CrazyWine isn’t the only elixir blessed by the grape in our state. Distilled grape liquors come in many styles, such as grape brandy, made from distilled wine, and pomace brandy, or marc, made from grape skins and seeds. Until…

Let’s Get Physical: Washington State’s Triathlons

Summer's around the corner and so is a thundering, dripping herd of local and regional triathlons.

Category: Articles   Summer’s around the corner and so is a thundering, dripping herd of Washington State triathlons. Did we miss anything? Email us with your suggestions. MAY5/8 • Mother’s Day TriathlonElma, Washington Vance Creek Park Race category: Sprint Distance (adult): 250 meter swim/ 13 mile bike/ 3 mile run Distance (children): 25 yard swim…

Cheap Eats: Columbia City’s Fish and Chips

A Fish and Chips spot with a neighborly sense of place

  Steve Allen’s Emerald City Fish & Chips is a sight for sore eyes. The brightly lit corner shop’s shiny nautical light fixtures stand out along a stretch of Rainier Avenue largely devoted to nail shops and used-car lots. The neighborhood’s diverse crowd gathers shoulder to shoulder in the small space, waiting for cooked-to-order, cornmeal-batter-dipped…