May 2016

8 Perfect Small Town Getaways

8 Perfect Small Town Getaways

As Seattle continues its boom, the relaxed charm of small towns seems all the more attractive

As Seattle continues its boom, the relaxed charm of small towns seems all the more attractive. These Northwest hamlets, brimming with character, friendly locals, fantastic food and scenic views, are some of our favorite places to get away from it all. 1. Dayton, WashingtonA sleepy wine country town with a wide thoroughfare—and an annual event…

Does Seattle Have an Image Problem?

Does Seattle Have an Image Problem?

Former Governor Christine Gregoire thinks so

These days, you could call former Washington state Governor Christine Gregoire one of Seattle’s biggest boosters. That’s due to her role as chief executive of Challenge Seattle, a new, private, CEO-driven initiative aimed at boosting Seattle’s international profile and raising some self-awareness. Why? It turns out that we’re a little too slow to brag. When…

Seattle's Social Media Stars: Just for Fun

Seattle’s Social Media Stars: Just for Fun

Because ultimately, isn't that what the internet is for anyway?

Amateur Hour@amateurhourparty 600 The DJ duo made up of creative techies and Capitol Hill residents Andrew Nedimyer and Alaa Mendili got their start when a friend asked if the two would put together a playlist for her birthday party. Inexperienced and then armed only with Spotify, they blew out an amp at that event, earning…

Seattle's Social Media Stars: Culture Vultures

Seattle’s Social Media Stars: Culture Vultures

Who to follow to feed your soul

Hawkeye Huey@hawkeyehuey 200K There’s no questioning where 6-year-old shutterbug Hawkeye Huey got his eye—his dad, Aaron Huey, captures amazing images for National Geographic magazine. Thanks to dad’s job, Hawkeye’s had the opportunity to travel around the world during breaks from kindergarten in Maple Leaf, shooting on his analog Fujifilm Instax camera. His father uploads the…

Seattle Social Media Stars: The Foodie Network

Seattle Social Media Stars: The Foodie Network

From adventurous home cooks to rising stars, these locals' feeds will have your mouth watering

Aran Goyoaga@cannellevanille 268K on Twitter 26K A Basque expat, Aran Goyoaga studied business and economics and earned an MBA before attending culinary school. She’s published one cookbook, Small Plates & Sweet Treats ($29.99, Little, Brown and Company), and her blog, Cannelle et Vanille, has twice been chosen as a finalist for a James Beard Award….

Seattle's Social Media Stars: A Tail of Three Frenchies

Seattle’s Social Media Stars: A Tail of Three Frenchies

What is it with Seattleites and their photogenic French Bulldogs?

Milo @frenchiebutt 561K “Bedbound butterball. Mustached mush. Narcoleptic nugget. Squishy Seattleite,” reads the bio on Milo’s Instagram account, which—as you might expect—features photo after photo of the pudgy little pup snuggled up in the sack. Sir Charles Barkley @barkleysircharles 470K // “Barkley the French Bulldog” 22K It’s a dog’s life, as they say, and we…

Seattle’s Social Media Stars: The Twitterati

Sharing the city's ins and outs in 140 characters or less

Turning 10 years old in July, Twitter only started picking up steam after it was showcased at Austin’s famous South by Southwest festival in spring 2007. Then, the social media platform averaged approximately 60,000 tweets per day—today, that number is estimated to be more than 500 million. Of all social media, Twitter is arguably the…

Seattle Social Media Stars: The Beautiful Life

Seattle Social Media Stars: The Beautiful Life

Gorgeous interiors, impeccable fashion sense...get ready to feel inspired (or downright jealous)

Kate Murphy@katecph 2K An architectural designer and the marketing director for Belltown’s Suyama Peterson Deguchi, Kate Murphy has an amazing eye for design. The Capitol Hill resident’s Instagram stream reveals the beauty, symmetry and pattern in everyday scenes and objects, along with details of architectural design. Cassandra LaValle@coco.kelley 30K // @casslavalle 29K // “Coco +…

Seattle's YouTube Millionaire

Seattle’s YouTube Millionaire

Social media is more than a past-time for north Seattle Judy Travis. It's a way of life

Judy Travis is undeniably one of social media’s biggest stars. The north Seattle resident, who got her start posting amateur makeup reviews and how-tos in 2008 just for fun, has parlayed her passion for beauty products into a career as a “YouTuber.” And it’s a lucrative gig—some reports estimate her net worth at more than…

Seattle's Social Media Stars

Seattle’s Social Media Stars

Meet the locals who know how to network

From Twitter addicts who know Seattle’s scene inside out to Instagrammers who share their artistic views of all the best things about this city, we’ve rounded up the local social media personalities who we think you’ll want to discover. Want to give a shout out for your favorite local media personalities? Share with us on…

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for the Rare "Scenic Drive" Sign

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for the Rare “Scenic Drive” Sign

Seattle’s enigmatic reminders of roads less taken

These days, Seattle’s streets are peppered with signs proclaiming road closures, revised routes and reminders not to “block the box.” But keep your eyes peeled and you may spot a rare “Scenic Drive” sign. The signs are the legacies of a 1958 collaboration between the City of Seattle and the Chamber of Commerce, created to…

'Young Blood' Exhibit now on View at The Frye Art Museum

‘Young Blood’ Exhibit now on View at The Frye Art Museum

The Frye presents works of Seattle natives Noah Davis and Kahlil Joseph

Last August, painter and installation artist Noah Davis, who was raised in Seattle but based in Los Angeles, died of cancer at the age of 32. During his brief career, Davis established himself as a significant force in the art world and one of the country’s most prominent African-American artists. His somber, mysterious and emotionally…