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Seattle’s Social Media Stars: The Twitterati

Sharing the city's ins and outs in 140 characters or less

Turning 10 years old in July, Twitter only started picking up steam after it was showcased at Austin’s famous South…

Lara Hale

Seattle Social Media Stars: The Beautiful Life

Gorgeous interiors, impeccable fashion sense...get ready to feel inspired (or downright jealous)

Kate [email protected] 2K An architectural designer and the marketing director for Belltown’s Suyama Peterson Deguchi, Kate Murphy has an amazing…

Lara Hale

Seattle’s YouTube Millionaire

Social media is more than a past-time for north Seattle Judy Travis. It's a way of life

Judy Travis is undeniably one of social media’s biggest stars. The north Seattle resident, who got her start posting amateur…

Seattle Mag

Seattle’s Social Media Stars

Meet the locals who know how to network

From Twitter addicts who know Seattle’s scene inside out to Instagrammers who share their artistic views of all the best…

Seattle Mag

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for the Rare “Scenic Drive” Sign

Seattle’s enigmatic reminders of roads less taken

These days, Seattle’s streets are peppered with signs proclaiming road closures, revised routes and reminders not to “block the box.”…

Jennifer Meyers

‘Young Blood’ Exhibit now on View at The Frye Art Museum

The Frye presents works of Seattle natives Noah Davis and Kahlil Joseph

Last August, painter and installation artist Noah Davis, who was raised in Seattle but based in Los Angeles, died of…

Jim Demetre