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Seattle’s Top Shops Showcase Our Favorite Home Design Trends

Your guide to the hottest pieces from the best local shops.

Seattle is a hub of design and innovation, and that creativity also applies to the spaces we call home. From…

Nia Martin, Kate Calamusa

Can Washington’s Solar Boom Survive the Legislative Stalemate?

Financial incentives are driving locals to install rooftop solar. But an expiring state tax break could halt the growth.

Ikea’s new solar installation, which will produce enough energy to power 131 homes, is evidence that solar is viable in

Maria Dolan

UW Students Pack New Presidential Power Course in Trump Era

President Trump's executive orders sparked a wildly popular University of Washington class.

UW Law School Professor Kathryn A. Watts (left) and Associate Dean Sanne H. Knudsen weren’t too surprised by the interest

Ambreen Ali

How Seattle’s activist past shaped the future of transportation in the region

Gray Matters: History, says Knute Berger, shows us that activism can make a positive difference in local projects.

Some Seattleites want to save the “ramps to nowhere” as a monument to citizen activism

Knute Berger

This stunning Decatur Island cabin is the next best thing to owning a private island

AIA Seattle Home of Distinction: Queen Anne couple finds the perfect retreat from their urban lifestyle.

The landscape largely dictated the footprint of the cabin, which left the surrounding madrona trees in place.

Nia Martin

Tunnel Vision: A 360 Look at Bertha Underground

Above ground, the journey of Bertha’s dig under downtown has been one of the most talked about news stories of recent years. As Bertha begins to emerge on the other side, we go underground for an exclusive look

Workers are dwarfed by the mammoth scale of the tunnel, shown here in March 2016. The curved concrete segments are

Elaine Porterfield