May/June 2022

Wags To Riches

The cost of living here is high. So are the salaries of dog walkers.

You won’t get rich if you choose this profession, but at least you’ll be playing with the big dogs. Dog…

Rob Smith

‘Black Folks Do Camp’

Sonia Wooten-Gill launched a Facebook site to help dispel an enduring myth

Sonia Wooten-Gill was surprised when she learned that Oprah Winfrey had said that Black people dislike camping and don’t enjoy…

Linda Lowry

Seattle is One Swanky City

People are buying, and selling, high-end homes at a rapid pace

From million-dollar mansions to top floor penthouses, Seattle-area residents are busy trading places. According to Coldwell Banker’s annual report on…

Rob Smith

Turning Hate Into Healing

Seattle food entrepreneur launches company to support #VeryAsian movement

Angela Shen turned anti-Asian hate into healing. In doing so, she bolstered an entire community. Shen, the founder of Savor…

Rob Smith

Intentional Inclusion

Ruchika Tulshyan urges companies to do the hard work necessary to create meaningful change

Ruchika Tulshyan moved to Seattle because her husband got a job at Amazon. Nine years later, he’s still there. Tulshyan’s…

Rob Smith

How The West Was Spun

Whatcom Museum exhibit seeks to correct enduring myths

Much of what you know about the Old West is a myth. A new exhibit at the Whatcom seeks to…

Rob Smith