October 2013

Bakery Nouveau Makes a Sublime Splash on Capitol Hill

Expect the same West Seattle-style long lines at BN's new Capitol Hill locale

The line has been out the door at pastry chef William Leaman’s West Seattle Bakery Nouveau ever since it opened…

Seattle Mag

Clever Beer Names We Love

Sky Hag IPAAirways Brewing Stupid Sexy Flanders American BrewingOld BirdbrainBlack Raven BrewingAmber’s Hot FriendSkookum Brewery The Big Lebrewski Naked City…

Kendall Jones

Trend Watch: Sour Beers

Fleeting, unpredictable and usually only available at breweries, sour beers are tarted up for imbibi

In beer lingo, the word “sour” refers to a range of beers that are intentionally acidic, tart and, well, sour….

Kendall Jones

Trend Watch: Barrel-Aged Beers

Once reserved for whiskey and wine aging, the wood-aged treatment is now being applied to beer

Patience, grasshopper. If patience is a virtue, barrel-aged beers are the most virtuous of all brews. Usually a beer is…

Kendall Jones

People in Beer: The British Invasion

Some of our best new brewers borrow from an old playbook

We describe beer—extra special bitter, pale ale, stout and so on—using terms from the English brewing tradition, but these days…

Kendall Jones

People in Beer: The Women-Helmed Brew Crew

Four local women prove that beer is a man's world no more

Archaeologists argue about how many thousands of years ago our distant ancestors started brewing beer, but no one questions that…

Kendall Jones