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People in Beer: The Bale Breaker Brewing Bunch

From farming hops to brewing, it’s a small step in Yakima

You might not know it, but each year Washington produces approximately 75 percent of the United States’ hops crop and…

Kendall Jones

People in Beer: Chuck Shin

The owner of Chuck's Hop Shop introduces microbrews to the public, one growler-to-go at a time

Between 7-Eleven and the bottle shop (beer store) lies the beer convenience store—a new breed that offers a broad selection…

Kendall Jones

Local Brewery District: Woodinville

Now also Washington's beer country

Most people associate Woodinville with wine—after all, it is home to more than 100 wineries—but these days, more people are…

Kendall Jones

Local Brewery District: Georgetown/SoDo

Seattle's historic brewery district

Along airport way south in georgetown a giant, beautiful, old brick building dominates the east side of the street. Originally…

Kendall Jones

What’s New on the Local Beer Scene

In a state that is a center of world hops production, Seattle is enjoying an indie brew boom

Washington boasts more than 190 breweries. That’s more than in any state other than California and just about as many…

Kendall Jones

Modernist Cuisine on Display at the Pacific Science Center

A hyper-nerdy take on cooking, molecular gastronomy considers food at the chemical level—how exactly does heat make an egg physically…

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