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5 of the Most Amazing Homes in the Pacific Northwest

Inspiring ideas for every style and every room

From modern masterpieces to 5-Star Built Green homes, we’ve rounded up the Pacific Northwest’s most beautiful houses and how to…

Edited by Jennifer McCullum

This Former Hacker Wants to Make the Internet a Better Place

Why is no one listening to the Seattle ex-spammer trying to shed light on the Web's vulnerabilities

In The Sky Lounge bar of Tokyo’s Prince Park Tower, Rick Seely is winding down the day with a beer…

Drew Atkins

Seattleites Who Have Gotten Cooler with Age

Why do people in Seattle wear their age so well?

Maybe it’s our fantastic arts and culture scene, or all the top-flight health care, or simply the coffee, but the…

Mandolin Brassaw, Sara Jones, Dan Raley and Lisa Wogan with Lyra Fontaine, Madeline Lootens and Jennifer Meyers

Vitamin-enhanced Water: Healthy or Hype?

Dr. Erik Suh weighs in on companies that claim added benefits

Plain water is passé—at least, that’s what the sellers of multitudes of fizzy, nutrient-enhanced or flavored (sometimes all in one)…

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New Album from Shaprece out this Month

Seattle songstress Shaprece on her new album, musical idols and her ideal dinner-party guests

Shaprece, the mononymous singer born and raised in Seattle, has gained acclaim for original songs that blend soul, electronica, strings…

Nancy Guppy

What to See at the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival celebrates 20 years of insubordinate cinema

In 1996, a month prior to the first-ever Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, President Bill Clinton signed the Defense…

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