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What Women Should Know About Fibroids

Fibroids are common and benign, yet largely mysterious and often complicating

“I can’t find your cervix,” said my doctor to me, during a routine pelvic exam in the fall of 2012….

Erika Almanza Brown

Helping Kids Have Fun at the Hospital

Mary Bridge child life specialists help kids understand and feel less anxious about the hospital

One bad childhood trip to the hospital can set you up for a lifetime of trauma. So when 7-year-old Kyla,…

Evan Webeck

New Cancer Treatments Reduce Radiation Risks

Two local health centers are bringing state-of-the-art solutions to very specific problems

Once small breast cancer tumors have been detected in a screening, they aren’t easy to find in order to remove…

Evan Webeck and Niki Stojnic

Monsoon’s Bar Director Shares his Cocktail Secrets

Monsoon’s Jon Christiansen deploys humble vinegars in his zippy cocktails

Jon Christiansen started working behind the bar at Tulio’s in the early ’90s, learning to sling classic cocktails such as…

Amy Pennington

Step into the Wardrobe of this Stylish Edmonds School Teacher

An Edmonds school teacher invites us over for a class in couture

Meadowdale Middle School teacher Tamara Musser knows how the world sees her: “If you walked up to someone in Edmonds’…

Jennifer McCullum

View a Replica of The Great Northern Train Tunnel

A local artist re-creates Seattle’s historic Great Northern train tunnel

Bertha isn’t the only tunneler in town. Seattle artist Rick Araluce is known for his miniature-scale sculptures of haunting interior…

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