The October 2017 Issue


Road Trip Snacks Are Not to be Taken Lightly. Here’s What We’re Packing

You put gas in your car to keep it running, but what keeps you fueled on the road? Our road-trip writers share their favorite snacks.


Whether Hiking or Bar-Hopping, Stay Dry With Stylish Footwear for the Northwest’s Rainy Season

These boots and shoes are functional and fashionable.


The Struggle to Save Seattle’s Urban Trees in the Face of Development

In a changing Seattle, efforts are underway to measure and preserve our leafy canopy.


Some of Washington’s Best Indie Bookstores Require a Ferry to Get To

Happy things happen when you let your reading passion take the wheel.


Amid Bakery Renaissance, Former Techie Takes Artisanal Bread to Insane New Levels

Modernist Cuisine’s Nathan Myhrvold is back with his follow-up work: a new, five-volume, 2,642-page cookbook set on bread.


Seattle Hotels Are Wooing Guests With Weird Amenities Like Loaner Shoes

Hotels across the city compete in the amenities game.


Snicker if You Must, But Seattle’s Pickling Movement is Impressive

Salty or sweet, funky or fresh, these preserved foods improve every meal.


Here’s a List of Seattle-Based Scary Movies for Halloween

Spy familiar sights around the city in these thrilling, scary or supernatural-themed, Seattle-based flicks.


There’s an Artisanal Yarn Revolution Happening in Bellingham and It’s Awesome

Bellingham knitters now have a bounty of yarn colors and styles.


Craft Beer’s Yellow, Fizzy Revolution Hits Washington

Lagers, once dismissed by the craft beer movement, are getting new respect.


This Eve Dish is an Ode to a Seattle Classic That Was Ahead of Its Time

Fremont’s bastion of clean eating, shares the secrets to its hot bowl.


This Hong Kong Street Food is Taking Over Seattle

The egg waffle has quickly become an obsession.