October 2018

Meet the Man Building a Local Media Empire in South King County

In South King County, one man unexpectedly has found that focusing on local news is good news

Press Corps: Scott Schaefer has an expanding network of hyperlocal blogs covering news in South King County

Bill Virgin

Cocktail of the Month: A Perfect Drink for Fall at Black Cat Bar in Belltown

Calvados brandy provides the base for a cocktail that sings a delicious seasonal song

Fine Diving: Black Cat may have the attitude of a dive bar, but owner Dustin Haarstad’s bartending skills make sure it doesn’t drink like one

AJ Rathbun

Your Seattle-Specific Earthquake Kit: Bourbon, Chocolate and Other Necessities

Quick tips you might not have thought of for surviving the Pacific Northwest’s dreaded natural disaster

Pack It In: Peanut butter and dried foods are recommended by the experts, but don’t forget the bourbon and fancy candy bars in your quake kit

Seattle Magazine Staff

With Mount Baker’s New Historic Status, What Lessons Can This Neighborhood Teach Us?

Knute Berger remembers his family’s Mount Baker neighborhood from long before it was designated a historic place

The Mount Baker Community Club, ca. 1914, became open to all in 1968, changing with its now-diverse neighborhood

Knute Berger

Seattle’s Story Told in Flannel, Ferries and Flood Lines

A new book presents Seattle’s history through engaging infographics

This article appears in print in the October 2018 issue. Click here to subscribe. In a region experiencing rapid growth and development, it’s beginning to feel like we need a central, handy storage place for the details of the city’s fast-changing story before we all forget them.  Authors Tera Hatfield, Jenny Kempson and Natalie Ross are on it…

Gwendolyn Elliott

Why This Seattle Man Wants You to Talk About Death

Michael Hebb invites you to dinner, served alongside a conversation about death

A Seat at the Table: Author and entrepreneur Michael Hebb is working to make the subject of death less intimidating as dinner conversation.

Gwendolyn Elliott