October 2021

Passive Gets Aggressive

Seattle is among the epicenters of the growing passive house movement.

Sloan Ritchie, right, his wife, Jennifer Karker-Ritchie, and their kids at the first passive house in Seattle, in the Madison

Sean Meyers

Drinking White After Labor Day

Switching to red as the seasons change? Not so fast.

Fall is pretty much upon us in Seattle, which means it’s time to play some smooth jazz vinyls, brood in front…

Aimee Rizzo

Seattle’s Autumn Arts Scene

Some organizations return to in-person programming

Digital programming kept many arts organizations afloat the past 18 months and, in many cases, engaged new audiences. But the very crux…

Rob Smith

The Best Of Seattle’s Classic Dishes

From salmon to teriyaki to the famous Seattle Dog

Seattle is known for many things, and some of them are not great. We’re looking at you, drizzling mist. Thanks a…

Aimee Rizzo

The Restaurant Tipping Point

Fire & Vine's Chad Mackay knows his restaurants must continue to innovate to survive

Chad Mackay, owner of Seattle-based Fire & Vine Hospitality

Edited and Condensed by Rob Smith

Hiking Tips from a Peak Performer

Eighty-six-year-old David Birkner has an unparalleled passion for hiking and climbing

David Birkner has been a Wharton economics student, a naval officer stationed at Pearl Harbor, a travel agent, a freelance writer, a…

Sean Meyers