September 2011

Seattle Magazine 2011 Spotlight Award: Megan Griffiths

CHARACTER WITNESS: Indie filmmaker Megan Griffiths gets personal

Filmmaker Megan Griffiths calls herself a “people person.” She’s referring to the energy she gets from interacting with others, but the shorthand label is also an apt description of her moviemaking style. “For me,” Griffiths says, “it’s about the people in the movie.” Strong characters drive her 2010 film The Off Hours, which she wrote,…

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The Big Idea

If money were no object, what one thing would you do to fix Seattle?

Like most who live here, we’re fiercely in love with Seattle—but our love isn’t blind. Along with our singular natural vistas, thriving neighborhoods, leading-edge innovations and savvy, well-read locals, we have hideous transportation issues, under-performing schools and the all too common big-city heartbreakers: homelessness and hunger. If money were no object, what one thing would…

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Fall Arts 2011

Our guide to the very best arts events of the season, plus our 2011 Spotlight Award winners.

Fall. It lands with a sudden, resounding clunk, causing a city-wide knee-jerk reaction: We lament the fact that summer was (way!) too short, and we begin the hunkering-down process, bracing ourselves for winter. But we’re here to suggest another response to the season: Rejoice in the fact that dance, film, music, theater and visual arts…

Brangien Davis, Bond Huberman and Dana Standish

Seattle Magazine 2011 Spotlight Award: Garrett Fisher

NEW ARIA CODE: Composer Garrett Fisher is creating a new genre of note

Sitting on the living room floor of his modest Capitol Hill home, a cup of tea in hand and a large cat lounging nearby, Garrett Fisher hardly seems poised to upend opera as we know it. But he might just do so. The acclaimed composer has earned accolades nationwide for his fresh approach, blending ancient…

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Seattle Magazine 2011 Spotlight Award: Kyle Loven

MASTER OF PUPPETS: Kyle Loven performs a magical hand jive

At Kyle Loven’s studio space in Belltown, the worktable is littered with ears—latex ears, which he’s been perfecting for his recent work, When You Point at the Moon. The spooky story is based on Chinese moon mythology that warns, “Don’t point at the moon, or the moon will cut your ears off.” Loven, a skilled…

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Seattle Magazine 2011 Spotlight Award: Troy Gua

POP EYE: Troy Gua turns pop culture into high art

Visual artist Troy Gua wants to be famous. His deadpan stare and signature slicked black topknot are unmistakable at local art gatherings—and often the subject of his own artwork. He’s hung large-scale photographs of himself, fashioned a small sculpture of himself urinating (after the famous “Manneken Pis” in Brussels), and even translated his face into…

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