September 2011


Road Trip: British Columbia’s Bard on the Beach

Go thither to Vancouver for a memorable marathon of plays by Shakespeare and contemporary playwright

WHERE: Vancouver, British Columbia, for the 22nd annual Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival (through 9/24; 1695 Whyte Ave., in Vanier Park; Why: To experience As You Like It and The Merchant of Venice performed in the newly renovated main-stage tent against a stunning natural background of mountain peaks, ocean and sky. Beyond the…


Old Ballard Hotel Gets Extreme Makeover

Hotel Ballard is back with exciting modern updates and its original Old World elegance.

Ballard residents, rejoice: A new boutique hotel gives visitors an alternative to sleeping on your couch. Built in 1902 for the American Scandinavian Bank (the words “Bank Building” still appear on the façade), the two-story building at the heart of Ballard Avenue became a hotel in 1920. In more recent decades, it served as a…


At SkyVenture, You Can Fly Airplane-Free

A new flying facility in Tukwila lets beginners feel the thrill of free-fall, just a few feet off th

If you’ve always contended that you’d love skydiving were it not for that part about leaping out of a plane midflight, the time has come to put your money where your mouth is. Austin–based SkyVenture has constructed an iFLY vertical wind tunnel in Tukwila for anyone (ages 3 and older) who wants to experience the…


Cool Art for Kids and a Local Designer Gets Her Twirl On

Frye Art Museum’s ‘Smalll Frye’ program makes art easier for little ones to swallow; plus, a cool ne

ART CLASS Sometimes exposing kids to culture is akin to getting them to take yucky-tasting medicine: You have to hide it in something sweet to get it down. The folks at Frye Art Museum have figured this out. In an effort to promote community literacy and get little people (and their parents!) into the museum,…


New Hangouts on Capitol Hill

Following the renovation of Capitol Hill’s historic Oddfellows building, myriad new shops, restauran

Following the renovation of Capitol Hill’s historic Oddfellows building, myriad new shops, restaurants and hangouts have opened their doors along three hot blocks of Pine Street, between 11th Avenue and Broadway. This hip microhood is fit for both day jaunts and late-night outings; here, you’ll find the street that never sleeps.   EAT + DRINK…


Seattle Schools Serve Up Some Haute Lunch

The district’s just landed a brand-new food guru, whose bringing slow-food rules to the lunch line f

Paging Jamie Oliver! There are chicken nuggets and sausage-on-a-stick on the Seattle Public Schools’ lunch menu. The ravioli comes from a Chef Boyardee can. But like the popular British chef whose U.S. television documentary, Lunch Line, exposes the horrors of school lunchrooms, the Seattle school district’s new head of nutrition services, Eric Boutin, is fighting…


Video Game Technology Moves From Recreational to Real-World

Video games leap off the screen and into new tech products that help PTSD patients, drivers and webs

Seems like just yesterday video games were making the clumsy transition from bulky joysticks to sleek, wireless controllers. But youth fades, and the time comes to get a haircut, a real job and contribute something to society. Here in the Northwest, several gaming-inspired projects have done just that by advancing videogames from pixelated playthings to…


Thanks to Budget Cuts, UW Is Turning Away Dozens of Local Students

Local parents are outraged that more out-of-state students are getting accepted—but some say the UW

Words guaranteed to freeze the blood of any local middle-class parent of a teenager: “The University of Washington is now officially a stretch school.” That’s what a high school counselor recently told the Eastside mother of a rising high school senior—and what more and more students are hearing. By “stretch,” the counselor means, “Most kids…


Cask Wines

Seattle restaurants turn to a greener, cheaper way to serve delicious local wines, on tap.

You drive into some tiny village, walk into the local brasserie and order the set menu for lunch. A carafe of wine, pumped from a barrel and probably made in the barn of some fellow down the road, is plunked down on your table. Your bill? Around $25 for two. That’s how Thierry Rautureau remembers…


Cheap Eats: il Corvo

Serious pastas and meats tucked away on the Pike Place Market Hill Climb.

Mike Easton is an inspiration: The former Lecosho chef is cooking what he loves, making his own hours (Il Corvo’s only open weekdays at lunchtime) and running his own show. At tiny il Corvo, which lives inside the already diminutive Procopio Gelateria on the Pike Place Market Hill Climb, Easton prepares his pastas by hand…


Marination Station is Simply Tasty

The permanent home of Seattle’s superstar food truck is well worth the wait in line.

Dr. Dre, Warren G, Jay-Z: The soundtrack keeps it bumpin’ at Marination Station, the tiny Capitol Hill Korean-Hawaiian takeout spot from the Marination Mobile women. Owners Roz Edison and Kamala Saxton’s success with their roaming Marination Mobile—voted America’s best food truck by Good Morning America—spawned this wildly popular stationary spot upstairs from the QFC at…


Tom Douglas’ Cuoco Brings People-Pleasing Pasta to South Lake Union

Hand-crafted pastas, serious steaks and a welcoming atmosphere make this new restaurant a standout.

It surprises me to say it, but I do believe we may have the old Tom Douglas back. Ignore the so-so start that Douglas’ South Lake Union Tibetan dumpling joint, Ting Momo (opened in April; see my review on page 44), has had. And forget for a minute his rocky dining concepts at Pike Place…

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