September 2011

Clothing: New Boutiques and Vintage

Sweet new boutiques are flinging open doors to reveal shelves brimming with locally made designs and

Spun Sustainable Collective (photo above)(Capitol Hill) BEST BET FOR: Casual, affordable and chic clothing proudly made in Washington There may not be a bigger cheerleader for Seattle fashion design than petite and personable Sara Seumae, owner of Spun Sustainable Collective. After having trouble finding local retailers willing to take a risk on emerging talent, the…

Kate Calamusa and Cody Ellerd Bay

Cover Story: Local Shopping Finds for 2011

We scout out the best clothing, accessories, gifts and vintage stores to help you shop for Fall.

The thrill of the hunt is exhilarating: spotting the perfect necklace to match an outfit, finally tracking down a gift for a hard-to-buy-for friend or finding just the right jacket to wear (and adore) all season long. The sport is made all the sweeter when the finds are handcrafted in Seattle by local talent, or…

Kate Calamusa and Cody Ellerd Bay

Editor’s Note: Big Ideas for Seattle Schools, Transportation and More

Recently, we asked movers and shakers in Seattle, "If you had a blank check with which to do anythi

Last May, inspired by a similar feature in St. Louis Magazine, we posed a question to dozens of our city’s leaders (and to our friends on Facebook and Twitter), asking them this: If you had a blank check with which to do anything to improve our city, what would you do? Every time someone’s “big…

Rachel Hart

A Capitol Hill Art Gallery Opens with a Question

Jess Van Nostrand opened The Project Room to invite the public to engage with artists.

Why do we make things that aren’t considered necessary? It’s a mystery of the human condition and one that a new nonprofit arts space on Capitol Hill is actively exploring. The Project Room, which independent curator Jess Van Nostrand opened in July, is an experimental, blank-slate space that local artists can temporarily make use of…

Seattle Mag

Nerd Report: New Illustrated Atlas Traces Seattle’s Physical Evolution

Turns out Google Maps can’t, in fact, do everything. Case in point: It can’t bring the past alive via wonderful illustrated maps—some more than a century old—like the Historical Atlas of Washington and Oregon (University of California Press; $39.95), published this month. Noted historian Derek Hayes, author of several other historical atlases, packs this big,…

Seattle Mag

Madison Valley: Seattle’s Little Paris

A potpurri of new French eateries is bring the taste of Paris to a surprising corner of the Emerald

If your budget doesn’t allow for a jaunt to France to sample the national cuisine (quelle horreur!), never fear—Paris is right here. Thanks to several new eateries (and a few beloved standards) with a distinctly French accent, Madison Valley is swiftly becoming Seattle’s own petit Paris. Bon voyage and bon appetit!  Belle Epicurean  3109 E…

carolyn yuen