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Video Game Technology Moves From Recreational to Real-World

Video games leap off the screen and into new tech products that help PTSD patients, drivers and webs

Seems like just yesterday video games were making the clumsy transition from bulky joysticks to sleek, wireless controllers. But youth…

Cayla Lambier

Thanks to Budget Cuts, UW Is Turning Away Dozens of Local Students

Local parents are outraged that more out-of-state students are getting accepted—but some say the UW

Words guaranteed to freeze the blood of any local middle-class parent of a teenager: “The University of Washington is now…

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Cask Wines

Seattle restaurants turn to a greener, cheaper way to serve delicious local wines, on tap.

You drive into some tiny village, walk into the local brasserie and order the set menu for lunch. A carafe…

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Cheap Eats: il Corvo

Serious pastas and meats tucked away on the Pike Place Market Hill Climb.

Mike Easton is an inspiration: The former Lecosho chef is cooking what he loves, making his own hours (Il Corvo’s…

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Marination Station is Simply Tasty

The permanent home of Seattle’s superstar food truck is well worth the wait in line.

Dr. Dre, Warren G, Jay-Z: The soundtrack keeps it bumpin’ at Marination Station, the tiny Capitol Hill Korean-Hawaiian takeout spot…

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Tom Douglas’ Cuoco Brings People-Pleasing Pasta to South Lake Union

Hand-crafted pastas, serious steaks and a welcoming atmosphere make this new restaurant a standout.

It surprises me to say it, but I do believe we may have the old Tom Douglas back. Ignore the…

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