September 2013

Leah Steen’s Cost-Effective Solution for Floors with Flair

The interior designer offers an appealing and affordable way to make your surfaces underfoot shine

!–paging_filter–pEven interior designers can be surprised when it comes to home design. For instance, I continue to be amazed by how often the very basic element of flooring is routinely overlooked. Maybe it’s because people are so focused on what’s in front of them, rather than what’s underfoot, or because of the fear of a…

Leah Steen

A Very Literary Ferry Ride

Shiro Kashiba discusses his memoir on September 28 on the Bainbridge Island Ferry

Northwest sushi pioneer Shiro Kashiba livens up the ferry ride to Bainbridge Island by talking about his memoir, Shiro, as part of Kitsap Regional Library’s new on-board Ferry Tales program. Upon landing, take the 10-minute walk to Intentional Table in Winslow for a sushi tasting directed by Shiro himself. Ferry departs Seattle at 3 p.m….

Seattle Mag

The 1 Percent Solution

Ruri Yampolsky sets the interest rate on Seattle’s artscape

For Ruri Yampolsky, 1 measly percent means the difference between bland urban terrain and a cityscape that sparks creativity. As director of the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture’s public art program, Yampolsky oversees the city’s precedent-setting “One Percent for Art” ordinance that mandates 1/100th of all city capital improvement project funds goes toward the…

Michelle Tolfa

Must See the Swifts

Bird lovers converge in Monroe for Swift Night Out

Witness the Hitchcockian spectacle of 20,000 Vaux’s swifts dive-bombing down a narrow chimney as they make a temporary roost in Monroe before heading to points south. While the show can last as long as a few weeks, Swift Night Out brings bird lovers together with food and drink to witness this crazy natural phenomenon and…

Seattle Mag

Fans Hoping to Reach Record Noise Levels at Seahawks’ Home Opener

The Seahawks have Seattle so excited that fans could just scream (their way to a world record)

Not since 2001, when the Mariners turned western Washington into Brigadoon, has Seattle been this jazzed. Expectations for the 2013 Seahawks are so giddily off the charts that Russell Wilson will be elected mayor of Seattle as soon as he authorizes the write-in campaign. Last year, Wilson proved that he’s the real deal among NFL…

Seattle Mag

Joint Venture

With I-502 now in effect, Seattle has become ground zero for the state’s recreational pot market

Jim Willett has never smoked pot. His teenage sons think he’s a square. A former Navy pilot, he spent a year doing drug interdiction flights along the Washington coast, checking for ships carrying bales of marijuana. For the graying retiree, voting against the state’s legalization of recreational weed (Initiative 502) was pretty much a given….

Michelle Goodman