Seattle Magazine's The Must List

Design Team Marries Indoor and Outdoor Living at West Seattle Home

Jody Estes and Matt Wittman combine indoor and outdoor spaces in their West Seattle backyard studio

“We wanted to buy the worst possible property,” says Jody Estes, reminiscing about the house hunt she and her husband…

Marianne Hale

City Council Office Hours Invite Constituents to Voice Concerns

City Council members are now holding neighborhood office hours. Is it an effective way to govern?

On a bright afternoon at the Ballard library, constituents arrive in a steady stream for their chance to speak for…

Erica Barnett

Pain Point: Taking the Opioid Addiction Problem Seriously

Is the medical community doing enough to solve the opioid addiction problem?

When Rose Dennis’ 12-year-old son developed leukemia, it seemed that nothing in the world could be scarier. But she was…

Elaine Porterfield

Plan Your Bumbershoot 2016 Experience

What's going down at this year's mega-music and arts festival

Now in its 46th year, Seattle’s behemoth music and arts festival returns to Seattle Center for Labor Day weekend (September…

Jim Demetre