Jennifer Ament Explores Inner Peace Through Outer Space

The artist's new series of paintings is inspired by the beauty of space.

By Marianne Hale December 14, 2015


This article originally appeared in the January 2016 issue of Seattle magazine.

West Seattle artist Jennifer Ament’s new series of encaustic paintings explores inner peace via outer space. Ament, whose daughter’s middle name is Galaxy, says, “I’ve always been into the vastness and beauty of space,” but after a life-threatening ATV accident in 2014, she resolved to look up more. Last fall’s celestial happenings (remember September’s supermoon?) further inspired her to explore simple pleasures in the natural world. Using organic encaustic—a mix of heated beeswax, tree sap and pigments—Ament created heavily textured layers to mimic the surface of the moon in select paintings. Each wax layer was then fused using a blowtorch to create the deep texture. “It’s a very organic, meditative process,” Ament says. “I tell people I’m painting with fire.”

View Jennifer Ament’s work by appointment only at her West Seattle studio, 4316 SW Othello St.; 206.225.9107; or visit 


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