Josh Henderson


Safeco Unveils New, Haute Menu, Complete with Oaxacan Grasshoppers

So long, Northwest Mex; hello Poquitos and grasshoppers


Inside Josh Henderson’s Atmospheric Dining Experiences

A field guide to Henderson's fun-house eateries


Josh Henderson to Open ‘Quality Athletics’ Sports Bar in Pioneer Square

It’s only February, and this year is already looking to rival Josh Henderson’s very productive 2013 — a year that spawned Skillet Diner Ballard, Westward, Little Gull, Hollywood Tavern and Cone Steiner — Henderson has announced that he and his Huxley Wallace Collective team are opening a sports bar called Quality Athletics in Pioneer Square…


Skillet Diner is Unpretentious, Really Good Food

The brick-and-mortar sister of food truck Skillet Street Food is as good as we'd hoped.