July 2017

26 Lakeside Getaways

From this Issue

Deep in the rain forest, the grand dame of Olympics lodging welcomes guests with genteel amenities.

Deep in Olympic National Park, this lake has been drawing visitors for decades.

At this San Juan Island spot, prepare for an experience right out of 'Dirty Dancing.'

Local and international artists have adorned a Belltown alley with spectacular murals.

Everything old is new again as canning, smoking and pickling seafood make a culinary comeback.

Hook a trout from a mountain stream and you’ve just bagged one of the forager’s biggest prizes.

Revisit the classic daiquiri with a double dose of rum and sun.

There is no beer pong at the Riveter, but the Champagne cellar sounds lovely.

Mid-century modern meets Japanese design in this open-plan kitchen and dining space.

An innovative artist-in-residence program digs into our trash.

And for the love of God, don't skip the mac 'n' cheese.

Head uphill with a backpack for lake camping without the crowds.

As we celebrate 120 years of Seattle’s part in the Klondike Gold Rush, the park site could help redefine what an urban park can be.

The new startup wants to connect filmmakers and make renting equipment more affordable.

The community roared its objections against a public-private partnership to renovate the community center. Is such an arrangement ever appropriate?

With help from Rain Dog Designs, one Washington community gets greener.

Is Nessie's cousin living in one of Washington's most popular lakes?

Thankfully, Bruce Naftaly of Le Gourmand couldn't stay out of the kitchen.

The WNBA player and fashion blogger dishes on her fashion faves.

In our July issue, we celebrate two of the Northwest's greatest treasures.

Today’s library system is reaching out to touch patrons in new ways, keeping our local libraries more relevant than ever.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Seattle's engineering marvel.

On both sides of our mountains, east and west, our Northwest lakes are inviting playgrounds perfect for a day trip or extended stay.

5 ways to keep your dog from freaking out over fireworks.

Tickets for the wildly anticipated exhibit lasted less than 24 hours.

A new Seattle library service connects the homeless with resources.

The Pulitzer-nominated photographer's Mount Baker Craftsman is an ode to her art.

Winners show it pays to think small as Washington’s beer scene goes big.

The people have spoken and they love Washington beer.

Drink in the cerulean waters of this classic Olympic Peninsula lake.

Yearning to leave civilization behind? A visit to the north end of Lake Chelan comes close.

At Takhlakh Lake, enjoy a quintessential out-of-the-way NW camping experience.

The Oregon lake and resort on its shores, dish up a camp experience for grown-ups.

The pristine location hits all the right notes, with natural beauty and city comforts side by side.

Soak up wine, sun and the stars at Watermark Beach Resort.