Kirkland’s Lady Yum Serves Up Sublime Macarons

These meringue-based sweets come in toffee flavor, toasted coconut and more

By Seattle Mag January 20, 2015


This article originally appeared in the February 2015 issue of Seattle magazine.

They’ve been wooing us for years with their flirty pastel colors, their delicate crackle, tender chew and cream filling. French macarons first caught our eye at Bakery Nouveau, then at Belle Epicurean and Crumble & Flake. Now, at Kirkland’s ladylike Lady Yum, the meringue-based cookies have a fitting showcase: a chandeliered shop dedicated to the perfect macaron.

We adore the toasted coconut, also a favorite of owner and former corporate operations manager Megan Gordon, as well as the turquoise-hued Hedgehog toffee flavor, made using the local brand’s toffee (Hedgehog is now called The Toffee Tent), but even the humble, doe-brown chocolate macaron boasts a stand-out fudgy filling. On any given day, there are 18 flavors—give or take a few—on hand (lemon, Neapolitan, salted caramel and so on), and surely one to fit your mood. $1.95 each; 10 for $20. Kirkland, 111 Lake St.; 425.285.9628;


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