Langdon Cook

Spring Foraging: Licorice Fern

Lacy licorice ferns are often found in treetops, but the part to harvest is the root

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Planning for a Year of Foraging

For everything, there is a season—and a forager can make the most of each one with a little planning

Plan now for seasonal foraging, like a chanterelle mushroom hunt in the fall

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Falling for Foraged Greens

Langdon Cook goes on a late autumn hunt for watercress

Look for wild watercress in small, slow-moving creeks

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Rose Hips: A Cure For What Ails You

The master forager fights the common cold with help from nature's Emergen-C.

My first priority as a forager is to enjoy the fresh air. Second is a good meal. Third—and not a…

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Eat from the Sea

Professional forager Langdon Cook shows us how to snag tuna, clams, squid and more from the ocean.

Dig It! We’ve got so many clams, you could say it’s an embarrassment of bivalves. Manila clams, in particular, are…

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Langdon Cook at Hugo House, “This” at Seattle Rep and more Top To-do’s for the Week

Langdon Cook at Richard Hugo HouseWednesday (4/27) – As part of the monthlong poetry celebration at Hugo House, famed forager…

Seattle magazine staff

Langdon Cook’s Hunt for Morels

The hunt for these coveted mushrooms is addictive.

Call the doctor. I feel a sickness coming on. It’s May and that can mean only one thing: morel mushrooms…

Langdon Cook

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