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How Corvin saved my marriage

There are many ways to further your own happiness

Well, of course the headline is an overstatement, but really, this column is all about finding a way to cope with differences about things you love to do that are deeply satisfying to you but will not, or cannot, be shared with your partner. So how does Corvin fit in here? Corvin is this great…

Pepper Schwartz

Letter to Seattle: A Lasting Influence

‘I would like to pay homage to you all who have set such an extraordinary example’

Letter to Seattle is a new feature highlighting the good deeds and positive experiences in our region. This is a letter from a client at Pioneer Human Services, a Seattle nonprofit that provides treatment, housing, job skills training and employment to those recently incarcerated. Submissions welcomed at Dear Pioneer Human Services, I want to…

Myron Curry

Getting a Charge Out of Tesla

‘I haven’t visited a gas station in eight years’

Seattle soccer and EV cars both had a big year in 2009. One man had the vision for both: Adrian Hanauer. The Seattle Sounders’ FC initial season was in 2009, the same year Tesla Motors launched its first car, the Roadster, which kicked off the EV car market as we know it today. As many…

Matt Bell

The Truth About Recycling

What’s right and what’s wrong? Expert weighs in.

People ask all the time, “What can I do to reduce plastic and waste?” We have all seen the explosion in our lives of items that come encapsulated in layers of plastic. Or the deliveries that arrive at our doorway with so much packaging that you fill your recycling bin to overflowing. Here is the…

Heather Trim

Vanishing Act: Mermaids, Frogs and Spare Change

Seattle’s own ‘Mad Men’ helped create several iconic national brands

While digging through a box of random stuff, my attention was suddenly grabbed by a white porcelain beer mug with two legs and the familiar red “R” on its chest.

Brad Holden

Every Car Has A Story: Author and Alpha Dog

A lifelong love of cars steers Garth Stein to a book and then a movie

Seattle Author Garth Stein’s dream car is his Alfa Romeo GTV 2000.

Matt Bell

Heartbeat: Let’s Talk. Or Not.

Is conversation a lost art? The younger generation prefers texting over talking.

Welcome to my world! This is my first column (to be followed by others and podcasts). I spend a lot of time thinking about intimate relationships. If you’ve read any of my previous work as a professor at the University of Washington, or watched me on television, you know that I care about what keeps…

Dr. Pepper Schwartz

Quiet the Wild

Layer up and enjoy the beauty of an unpredictable Seattle Spring

Lily wears 1960’s Cardigan From Token Vintage, Checkered Coat By Bogey Boys, Long Wide Scarf By Lita By Ciara, Trail Leggings Eddie Bauer Gabe wears Snowcrew Jacket by Outdoor Research, Quest Fleece Crew by Eddie Bauer, Plaid Jacket from Token Vintage, Carpenter pants from Token Vintage Martha wears City Slicker by Prairie Underground, Vintage Nike…

Andrew Burkhardt and Michele Andrews

Seattle Magazine Essentials

Holiday Magic, Dining, Whiskey and Help For Stressed-Out Parents

Snow ShowSnowflake Lane returns for its 17th year   The heart of Bellevue once again becomes a majestic holiday destination during the 17th annual Snowflake Lane holiday extravaganza. Enjoy falling (faux) snow, a resplendent, professionally produced light show, nightly choreographed parades and festive dancers. The fun begins on Black Friday and runs through Christmas Eve. More…

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