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Seattle-area Trio Launches a New Decision-making App

Easily corral friends’ opinions with Sujjest

This article appears in print in the December 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. Three Seattle-area natives have created an app to simplify the process of reaching consensus. Sujjest (available for Android and iOS), born out of frustration with email chains and chaotic group texts, was devised by three friends from the South End who wanted an easier…

Kendall Upton

Meet the Seattle-area Woman Behind Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year

Pantone Color Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman studies the world to bring us more color

SEA OF GREEN: Bainbridge resident Leatrice Eiseman enjoys the various shades of green in her garden

Ariel Shearer

Murano Senior Living Helps You Care For Your Loved Ones

During intense times of changing needs, Murano personalizes their care to meet the needs of the people important to you

Sponsored by Murano Senior Living The holidays are quickly approaching, which means many of us will be heading home for the holidays and spending more time with family. Sometimes, a visit home for the holidays can open our eyes to the fact that our loved ones are getting older and it may be time to…

Murano Senior Living

Seattle Photography Studio Uses Vintage Equipment to Capture Auras on Film

According to Aura Aura's owners, the '70s-era camera technology converts a person's energy to color, which shows up on the portrait as a sort of rainbow-hued halo

This article appears in print in the November 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. Freelance photographer Alex Lee says he’s a technical, rational person by nature—yet his new project is rooted in the abstract and requires a small leap of faith. In April, he launched the Seattle location of Aura Aura, a Detroit-based business (started by his sister…

Chelsea Lin

New Book ‘Be an InventHer’ Advises Women How to Make Their Ideas a Reality

A Q&A with the local authors about the entrepreneurial guide

This article appears in print in the October 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. “Why not you?” ask authors Mina Yoo and Hilary Meyerson in their new book, Be an InventHer: An Everywoman’s Guide to Creating the Next Big Thing (Sasquatch, October 22, $19.95), a manual for women eager to transform their creative ideas into marketplace reality. Yoo…

Lauren Alexander

Seattle-based Fuchsia Inc. Brings International Artisan Goods to Locals

Afshan Abbas is creating a market for Pakistani artisans—and bringing unique pieces to Seattle

This article appears in print in the October 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. People kept asking Afshan Abbas where she got her distinctive shoes. This happened so often that the Seattle businesswoman, who hails from Pakistan, decided it was time to introduce the footwear to the rest of the world. In 2016, after raising more than $60,000…

Emma Franke

Expert Advice: 5 Tips for Parents Helping Teens With the College Search

University Prep college counselor weighs in on parental support

Sponsored by University Prep With this year’s college admissions scandal news wafting in and out of our newsfeeds, it’s an interesting time to be a parent of a high school junior or senior. It’s one more piece of news at a time when families are hit with a barrage of college information. With all the…

University Prep

Seattle Senior Living Now Has More Perks Than Ever

New Murano Senior Living community provides best-in-class care and a giveaway for the whole family

Sponsored by Murano Senior Living Today’s retirees find themselves faced with endless decisions to make about what to do next. Some of these choices are a part of what makes retirement the next big adventure, like Where should I travel to now that I have the time? and What new hobbies should I try?  But…

Murano Senior Living

The Works on First Hill Reignites the Seattle DIY Spirit

With her business, Kellie Phelan is tapping into the DIY community

IT’S ALL ON THE TABLE: Kellie Phelan readies the big wooden table for a class in canning. The table is central to her business where people gather to learn a skill, and connect with each other

Lena Beck