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Band of the Week: Robbie Christmas

The Seattle singer-songwriter plays with PNW soul.

“Every song I wrote sounds like it was written in the Northwest,” Robbie Christmas says.

Max Rose

Tell Me About That Track: Bart Budwig’s “Goliath Got Stoned”

Singer/songwriter Bart Budwig recorded his new album ‘Paint by Numbers Jesus’ live at the nearly century-old OK Theatre in Enterprise,…

Gwendolyn Elliott

2017 Seattle Record Store Day Round Up

The 10th annual Record Store Day—the event that single handedly helped re-ignite the current vinyl obsession, while helping countless small,…

Hanna Yi

Band of the Week: Cataldo

Eric Anderson of Cataldo

Gwendolyn Elliott

Peace, Love and Jazz: Ben Jaffe of Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Ben Jaffe, multi-instrumentalist bandleader of New Orleans’ esteemed Preservation Hall Jazz Band, is a master of conversation as he is…

Callie Little

Tell Me About That Track: March to May’s “She”

Orchestral folk duo, March to May

Gwendolyn Elliott

Band of the Week: The Maldives

With so much happening in Seattle’s bustling music scene these days, how do you even know where to start? Allow…

Gwendolyn Elliott

Q&A with Sound Off! Champ Jason McCue

We catch up with Jason McCue, an inventive singer/songwriter and winner of the 2017 MoPop Sound Off! underage battle of the bands

Jason McCue isn’t your average musician. With just an acoustic guitar and his haunting voice, the 20-year-old took home first…

Max Rose

Show Preview: Chris Stapleton and Maren Morris at KeyArena

Stapleton and Morris occupy opposite poles in country music’s ever-expanding tent; you wouldn't pick them for a pair until you realize they are, in fact, perfectly paired

Chris Stapleton

Mike Seely

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