Local Apps that Do the Deciding For You

UrbanQ, Gruburg and Chewsy make for an easy-to-follow evening.

By Anna Samuels


February 4, 2011

This article originally appeared in the March 2011 issue of Seattle Magazine.

STEP 1: Get out of the house
Housed in Redmond and developed by locals Maria Zhang and Tao Huang, UrbanQ recommends cafés, restaurants, concert venues and clubs based on your geographic preferences. Wondering where to go for date night this weekend? Select the “nightlife” theme and narrow your feedback by adjusting location, price and date. Rate each venue visited and you’ll get recs more tailored to your tastes.

STEP 2: Pick a restaurant
Gruburg, built by Mercer Island High School seniors George Lejnine and Patrick Malanga, generates restaurant suggestions based on palate preferences. Craving Italian food in Capitol Hill? Your food profile grows as you rate specific restaurants, allowing Gruburg to suggest a dining option for whatever locale you find yourself in. So you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect pasta on Pike Street.

STEP 3: Place your order
Brought to you by four foodies masquerading as mild-mannered Microsoft employees, Chewsy provides users with detailed menu reviews, so instead of asking the waiter if the steak is a good choice, you can browse testimonials from other Chewsy users. Be sure to add your own review after your meal; Similar to Yelp, Chewsy depends on user feedback to expand its restaurant database.


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