Relax and settle into the season with this Pacific Northwest-themed reading list

This past spring, Seattle-based and New York Times best-selling author Melissa Michaels’ followed up her previous home improvement titles with Make Room for What You Love (Harvest House Publishers), which is excerpted below.

Since 2008, baking instructor Kate McDermott has taught thousands of people how to make pies inside her cozy Port Angeles cottage. What makes McDermott’s classes so popular is her message: Pie, like life, should be simple.

In Seattle-based writer Maria Semple’s latest book, Today Will Be Different (Little, Brown and Company, $27) desperate housewife and former animator Eleanor Flood races around Seattle one day (see map) trying to make sense of everything t

If you've been falling behind on your reading lately, rejoice: summer is the perfect time to snag a book and immerse yourself in a new world. And with these new titles from local authors, you'll have more than enough material.