Our style and society writer tried cryotherapy, one of the latest beauty trends to hit the Pacific Northwest, in the name of the beauty issue

Seattle, Washington is full of local beauty services

We tapped into the city’s trendsetting stylists and in-demand dermatologists for the latest in new technology, innovative locally made products, and new treatments and trends that will help you achieve a look that makes you feel good and look good

Having work done’ doesn’t mean what it used to—and that’s a good thing. These tech-driven treatments, most of them for the face, will leave you looking like your best natural self, no scalpel required

Until recently, only a fraction of the services and products in the multibillion-dollar beauty industry were for men. Now, however, men are getting their due with more and more companies offering male-specific products and services, giving shaggy-headed bros everywhere the OK to finesse their personal care. Take a cue from Clooney and aim to look your best with one of these options

Local beauty products from Seattle, Washington

Local beauty companies are creating luxurious—and, most importantly, effective—Products. Here’s the crème de la crème for getting the most out of your skin, hair and nails

Before you spend another moment plucking, painting or primping, read up on our favorite salons for this season’s essential beauty treatments