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Heartbeat: Pay For What?

The invasion of the transactional body snatchers

Lest you think I am alerting you unnecessarily, let me reassure you that when I heard about this, I gasped.  GASPED! But perhaps you will gasp, too, unless, of course, you knew this all along. What I am referring to is a new culture in dating that looks an awful lot like it’s turning female daters into,…

Pepper Schwarz

Heartbeat: Defrosting Seattle. It’s time to become more friendly.

The Seattle Freeze versus the Nashville Warm

So, this column is not so much about the Seattle Freeze, but the Nashville Warm. And how I came to be frozen and how I hope to melt. When I first came to Seattle, I realized that I had to cool down. I grew up in Chicago and went to school in the Midwest and…

Pepper Schwarz

Heartbeat: How Corvin Saved My Marriage

There are many ways to further your own happiness

Well, of course the headline is an overstatement, but really, this column is all about finding a way to cope with differences about things you love to do that are deeply satisfying to you but will not, or cannot, be shared with your partner. So how does Corvin fit in here? Corvin is this great…

Illustration by Twins Design Studio

Heartbeat: Let’s Talk. Or Not.

Is conversation a lost art? The younger generation prefers texting over talking.

Welcome to my world! This is my first column (to be followed by others and podcasts). I spend a lot of time thinking about intimate relationships. If you’ve read any of my previous work as a professor at the University of Washington, or watched me on television, you know that I care about what keeps…

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